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Chris Sky’s Fiery Speech In Ottawa For The Freedom Truckers, Beacon Of Hope & Freedom For The World

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1 year ago


Matt Laughlin
1 year ago

Take that, Justine, you NWO flunky.

1 year ago

Excellent!!, I found myself cheering us all on with tears flowing and a heart filled with love and … FREEEE-DOM!!!!

1 year ago


1 year ago

I’m not crying you’re crying. Love our neighbors in Canada!!! I πŸ’œ truckers

1 year ago

The EXACT movement song I’ve have chosen, YEAH!! Twisted Sister We Won’t Take It Anymore is the war song that represents humanity. The world is at war against tyrants. GO CANADA!!! Remove Trudeau! NOW!

Jean Sweeny
1 year ago

Trudeau is not a Canadian. He is the guy in line for a brain chip. The guy ain’t happy being in the human race. Unfortunately, folks like him will never stop taking that fact out on us. These people have no authority to despise and make our lives miserable.
I can’t wait for him and his brethren l to rocket off the planet. It would be a far better planet without those psychopaths opening their traps on everything and ruining our ability to live our lives based on own strengths and weaknesses. Life is a tough teacher, but it wants me to learn to live better. These folks make life appear hollow, miserable and divisive. They are evil

1 year ago

Im pumped by Cris , such great speech

1 year ago

Where is the support from the opposition MPs. Trudeau has a minority government. MPs from all parties must put forth a Motion of Non-Confidence and bring the Liberal Government down. That’s what the people want! Thank you Truckers for making the stand we all want.

Nancy Lowe
1 year ago

I am contacting you because I just heard this video by David Martin and I wondered if you might get in touch with one or more of the pro-bono lawyers there about the availability of these notarized documents proving Justin Trudeau is committing a crime in that he is profiting from every injection he forces on the people of Canada.

David Martin News Update
Canada and the Conflict of Interest

David Martin has notarized documents proving that Justin Trudeau is criminally profiting from every injection forced on the Canadian people.
In the comments below this post someone wrote: I am walking your notarized documents to the Santa Clara County D.A.

Tommy Vise
1 year ago

Trudeau is the bastard love child of Fidel Castro…true story. He is just another cowardly puppet in a long line of these clowns who’s only goal is to destroy and control the people. Their God Satan is a defeated foe, and will turn on them like the snakes they are.