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Dr. Zelenko and Dr. McCullough Destroy The Claim That The ‘Vaccines’ Do Not Cause Harm

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Big Schlong
1 year ago

These Bastards want people to die with there continuing Rollout of another shot and another shot!! How long is it gonna take for the fools to realize the Danger????? Or will it be that they just keep Dying till there is a noticeable Drop in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated outnumber the Vaxed so hang in we’re becoming the Majority

1 year ago


1 year ago

What course to take? We are no longer citizen but subjects. Subjects that must bend to the rule of the left. They leave us no voice. The lessons they teach our children forget our history. They teach no difference between the sexes. A shame I have been so fooled for fifty years with the woman I chose and she, myself. We as different from each other yet left our mark because of it. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Who will not stand for the corruption that has infected our nation, the perversions and destruction of our histories dividing families and friends for the sake of power and rule. Our voice silenced, corrupted, our vote taken, falsified. Our right to freely travel subject to permissions. Our defense and right to be secure within our homes and ourselves. Each right guaranteed by a constitution limiting the powers of government. Government no longer taught in schools no pledge of allegiance because of the claim of raciest origins. So many claims but no proof offered. Claims of superiorities’ abound along with a direction many doubt-and regret. I ask and challenge, tell me how an election may be won by a man having a hard time to finish a sentence. If we choose this subrogation by our government then let your whining be as silent as our voices.—–Grampa