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Dr. Zelenko: “This Is the Mark of the Beast; It’s Enslavement”

"They don't have to put you in a gulag or put a bullet in your head anymore. If they don't like what you say, they just turn off your accounts. They just turn off your ability to buy bread... It's a form of control."

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1 year ago




Trish McEwen
1 year ago

First off Dr.. Zev! You are so amazing!
Thank you for everything you are doing/listening to God! Wasn’t there a really cool code embedded in your very DNA that actually says you are Jesus’s? Since we know this to be true, and with RNA genetic therapy vax, if I understand right, it actually replaces segments of your God Given DNA. I just wonder…what section it takes out?? And possibly what is really put in? ( my guess is it took out the artist and creators name and replaced it with Satan’s signature he has always had a hard on to be a God and create his own species and world to rule!) I know this is questionable whether it is or isn’t the mark, from my hours of studying I’m leaning more towards it is, or at least a large part of it especially when it alters your genetic and physical being as well as effects your penal gland which is said to be your spiritual area and where your ability to pray and connect with God is.This has brought up many horrors for me. That is definitely the most horrible thing I can think of happening at least for my self. There can be no worse hell than not hearing the Lord and desperately wanting to! So whether this is the start and they keep adding more and up grading doesn’t change that it’s at least part of it. And there is a chip, many diseases, micro nano technology graphine oxide, as well as hydra vulgaris in it etc. I don’t think God created your body to be remade period let alone, into a machine. Which the internet of bodies is doing and cyborg is where you will go. It’s all been so sneaky. We are called to be wise and pray about everything NON STOP. Most just trusted man out of fear. GOD IS NOT FEAR. SO we need to start with the sins that we did before the genetic altering vax even hit our bodies. As far as Christ or not, there are many born again Jews. Whether he is or isn’t, is his business with God, not ours.not yours not my business! I am very thankful for Dr. Zev he saved my family’s lives and doesn’t even know it. He is a wonderful example of Christs love and doing so much to save God’s creations, at a high cost to himself! He is fantastic and I know he is gathering many mitzvahs, jewels or lumber in heaven! I can only pray that God will have mercy on Both of our souls and that I will meet him in heaven someday to thank him personally. Until then and if, I will pick up my cross and keep trudging along hoping to make the same kind of impact that Dr Zev has made on. Peoples lives with my own God Given gifts. Man is saved by faith and works so go be the light he made you to be we each have a job or reason we were created. Each of our details of our hearts, ( heart attitude) is between us and God alone. God Bless you all. Trish

1 year ago

This is a slow-acting
DNA Altering
mRNA lethal injection
That therefore
Renders you no longer human
And sends you to hell
with Bill Gates

1 year ago

Where is that in scripture? How would taking an injection, even if it changes and damages the DNA constitute damnation from GOD? Where is that in scripture? Because what I see is unbelief that is sustained that refused the gospel and the New Covenant in Christ. Romans 1, Ps 95, Hebrews 3-4, etc.

Even a Mark of the Beast later on, is worship of something other than Christ. The Image they worship is where? The AC they worship is where and who? The angels that warn in Rev 14 of hell fire came when?

1 year ago

This is NOT the Mark of the BEAST! It biblically is Pharmakei and it is critical for truth’s sake that we must understand the difference! Plus there is a disinformation campaign going on in popular and alternative media to dub this incorrectly. Let’s look at God’s word to help us understand and we are going to consider that Jesus in Matthew 24:5 says “let No man deceive you”, while in Luke 21 towards the end of the chapter he states that a snare ( a trap) is coming upon the whole world of earth dwellers.


It is something else called Pharmakei ( where we derive our word Pharmacy or Pharmaceuticals! (Rev 18: 23 & Gal 5: 20) and it is being used for setting up the Kingdom of the Devil within ( and outside w/ 5G and Starlink and more).

Why is it within?
Remember they stated calling the “infection” CORONA and now it is called COVid 19?
They installed CORONA in you: (Co)ordinated (RO)uter (NA)notech is within half the planet who has been injected which they emit a blue tooth signal for your COVID 19= (C)certificate (O)f (V)accination-injection (ID) -AI. This is like a wireless Operating System within the injected
that works in connection with the digital id and Green pass and cloud and your phone apps- and much more could be said about that.) There is much to understand with Corona and why this is happening. Let me continue, please.

So Isaiah 14:14 says that the thing Satan wants more than anything is to be like GOD; the Devil copies God, and since God has a Kingdom within (Luke 17:21) Satan is having installed inside people through the injections. This is not a spiritual kingdom as God’s is, but it is a technical kingdom of sorts- that is a two-way data collection surveillance and harm system that is tied to several patents for punishing or “rewarding you” TO MANIPULATE you.
That part is true. So this is to control people from within & the use of depopulation tools as well. Yes, that is all correct. It involves the data + the Chinese Social Score + the digital money for total control of you, and toss in the use of ESGs. ( New social contract from a Luciferian world view that does not tolerate GOD or the World view of the Bible.) Orwell city and others have noted that the injection (Pharmakei) is putting this nanotech surveillance system inside you through the needle, under the manipulation that there was a deadly killer virus china and Fauci made and you all must get the injection. ( this is why they ignored natural immunity for colds/virus flu) There was no Covid as they defined it; That was a lie.

What are the four meanings of Pharmakei:

1) Administration of meds/drugs
2)Poison ( literally yes it is)
3)sorcery – think like manipulation to make you do something as in witchcraft you are doing this, so you can make the spirits or people or whatever is the object of your desire bend to your will. If I do A, then I can make it/them do B. The bible also says that the sin of Witchcraft is as rebellion in one of the Samuel books, I think the 2nd one. So it is rebellion-based unscrupulous behaviors to get what you want with a heavy emphasis on deceit.
4) Idolatry

The Mark is for some future technology halfway into the 7-year tribulation that ties man to Machine furthering the outcome of Transhumanists to become false gods; which is idolatry, yes, and it is using the tech for the remaining portion of the earth to do this great wicked thing and replace god with technology ( some image-GAIA) and self-worship, taking the name and or the number of the beast.

Day one of the trib has not even begun!

It will be at a time when more than half the population is dead 1/4 are initially murdered and another 1/3, so do that math on that.

And the timing of it (MOTB) deployment is wrong, and the other fine points are also not coming to fruition now either! For example, in Revelation 14 which goes along with Revelation 13 that everyone ignores, who says this injectable is the MOTB falsely; They do not pay attention to the fact that no less than three angels fly through the air and warn Babylon ( The Antichurch Whore of Rebellion) that if they take it, God will pour out his wrath undiluted on them, and they will suffer the torment of hell. Rejecting Jesus and rejecting becoming HIS new Creation ( Gal 6:15) for a techno New Creation (Transhumanism) which is breaking the 1st command, and rejecting Jesus are damnable.

Have you seen that angel warn? No.
So the timing is wrong.
There are many things that are incorrect and people are not getting the point. Yes, there is commerce linked to the MOTB later on, and similarly, there is an aspect of commerce linked to this CORONA COVID AI system too. One begets the other with this techno take over of Pan Neo Communism for the Great Reset as they lay the kingdom of the Devil and his Ai enhanced (Anti) Messiah system down to control EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. But there are those who will refuse this and die and exchange their temporary bodies for eternal ones in Christ coming out of unbelief and choosing Christ and his New Covenant.

One last statement: riddle me this? How does he believe about the MOTB, but not become a Christian believing in what Jesus did for him as the Kings of the Jews? Strange, right?

He says this is what the Christians say the MOTB is.
NO, I am a Christian, and this is not the MOTB, but it is coming and with it the same lie of Genesis when Lucifer told Adam and Eve “eat of this and you shall become like gods”.but this time it is not a fruit but technology ( as a lie) to achieve the same thing. And when a Christian gets born again, it is by the power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Those who will take the Mark for “rebirth” in this inverted lie will take TECHNOLOGY AS THE POWER into their bodies! Choosing one creation over another. Jesus still saves by the gospel of grace and mercy 1 COR 15;3-4.

Please see that this gets posted, it is really important and Jesus has great things for ALL who wish to come, and all are invited to come. It is only by their will they do not.

Debra Van Aalst
1 year ago
Reply to  Teresa

I believe that there will be,as a result of getting jabbed, billions of deaths occurring within the next 2 years and that the time of Jacobs (12 tribes)trouble has begun….. The return of Jesus Christ is closer than most think 🙏

1 year ago
Reply to  Teresa

Why multiple jabs and not just one then I wonder?