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Medical Murder: How “Covid Protocols” Are Being Used For Eugenics – Left A Downs Syndrome Kid To Die [VIDEO]

"Scott Schara is sharing the heartbreaking details of how hospital staff mistreated his daughter with Downs Syndrome and ultimately left her to die while he cried out for them to step in. You won't believe all of the rules, regulations, and laws the hospital broke with seeming impunity because of CARES ACT dictates that give the doctors immunity from liability. Don't miss his warning to others so that no family has to go through what his has." - Kristi Leigh TV

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1 year ago

Just heartbreaking. I know Grace is in Heaven telling Elvis how she met his daughter. I almost pity the murderers in that hospital. Gods wrath against those who hurt his children is something to be feared.

Jack A. Craft
1 year ago

It’s a dirty shame that hospitals in America have become “death camps” with the radical protocol of these people that cheated & stole our Presidential election and are delivering Obamas promise to “Transform America” in the past year.
I myself lost a brother to covid after being sentenced to death in a UPMC hospital & was in my opinion tortured & killed because he was not vaxed & was not a “sheep” who followed the New World order rule of order.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jack A. Craft

I’m sorry for your heartbreaking loss; however, not ALL American Hospitals are death camps. COVID almost ended my son’s (Not vaccinated too) life. The hospital staff worked tirelessly to save my son. Please don’t blame ALL Doctors, ALL Nurses and ALL hospitals. We need good hospitals and we need them to be staffed. UPMC hospital may be a death camp and I’ll make sure I keep my family away from that hospital. Thanks for your update.

1 year ago

Absolutely miserable video player at redvoicemedia. No indication of how long the segment is, no fast forward or rewind, no 1.25x play. THIS SITE SUCKS AND MAKES ME NOT GIVE A DAMN HOW URGENT OR HEARTWARMING THE STORY IS!