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Weaponized COVID connected to HIV/Marburg, Bioweapon Destroys Triathlete, Truckers Head to DC

Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, biotech analyst Karen Kingston shared mind-blowing facts connecting viruses like Marburg, Sars, and HIV, to the COVID-19 bioweapon and brought shocking legal documents declaring the Big Pharma jab trials to be fraudulent.

Former triathlete Suzanna Newell was damaged by the clot shot, but she is not letting it keep her down. She joined Stew to share how she went from politically neutral to strategically aware of the Democrats demonic plan. Newell also shared the very important work that she is doing through her foundation

Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas returned to share exciting news about the next destination of the Great Trucker Convoy: WASHINGTON, DC.

And, Peymon Mottahedeh, founder of Freedom Law School, discussed his crusade to deprogram and educate patriots, and his upcoming "Let’s Go Brandon" rally in Brandon, FL, in April, that Stew may be attending in person!

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Kieran Sears
3 months ago

White house have lost the propaganda war already, both on the Russia and Covid front.

Democrats have turned on their own citizens, jab&bing with DNA modifying substances american kids, so what do you expect from them in politics?

Btw, if you wish to know a matter deeper, go to its original wording. We have been told that democracts come from demos cratos, people power, right?

Guess what, it also means demon cratos in greek. Devil’s snare. And isn’t it a snare what they preach, liberalism and ‘tolerance’ in everything, including cr&ime?

And the physical war that puppets like Bid&en and Trudeau are trying to start, will not go well for them because too many people have woken up, thank God. They cannot enslave billions of people without deceiving them first.

Please see below proven truth about the plandemic, showing not only that the plandemic happened, but what it was really orchestrated for.

1) Event 201 pandemic simulation

2) The World At Risk 2019 report from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, Chief Advisor to WHO, stating on page 10 that by September 2020, the ‘UN will conduct at least 2 systemwide pandemic SIMULATION exercises, one of which is the deliberate release of a deadly RESPIRATORY pathogen’ (Covid?)  

3) Research by MD Carrie Madej and industrial graphene manufacturing expert Dr Andreas Noack into the content of Covid “tests” and vaccines. Containing microscopic robots and hydrogel-coated micro-razors to trick cells into not rejecting them as foreign material. Delivering gene-rewriting proteins.

4) Admission by former Pfizer senior executive Michael Yeadon that Covid-19 vaccines can be used for depopulation

Natural News

5) Bill Gate’s own admission on depopulation through vaccines

Youtube, Innovate to Zero

6) Revelation 13:18 the mark of the beast. The magnetic graphene oxide in your cells, introduced via the C-19 “vaccine”, will connect to the implantable scannable microchip that is already in place in Sweden for monitoring your Covid vaccination status. The chip goes in one’s forehead or right hand. 

Using the exact linguistic English analysis of the original Hebrew and Greek Scriptures – 

Strong’s Concordance 

(please see it for yourself in a freely downloadable desktop eSword app) the original hebrew and greek word for the 666 Mark, says that the Mark consists of a palisade and a stake. 

Palisade – think of the sharp triangular end of a hypodermic needle that ejects the microchip. Stake – the cylindrical microchip itself which is forcibly injected into one’s forehead or right hand.

Also, per Supreme Court Association for Medical Pathology v Myriad Genetics case, artificial MRNA DNA and DNA commands can be patented.

And now Lightning (Baraq) from Heaven (Obama), the 6uild 6ack 6etter guy, same who on his birthday asked everyone to CHIP IN 600, 60 or 6 (666), who is the real force behind senile Biden, tried to start WW3 in Ukraine to still push through NWO.
Luke 10:18

7) To see how deep the Matrix goes, please see 13 Bloodlines of Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier who spoke with top intelligence people worldwide. Most governments and banks are owned by the same satanic families. People think of Rotschields, but those are lower down the ladder.

8) Have you also wondered why they chose both Delta and Omicron, for the newest ‘variant’ names? Omicron is not next after delta in the greek alphabet, but, Delta is a pyramid symbol, Omicron is an eye.

All seeing (masonic satanic) eye from the pit.

9) Also, please see 1999 Microsoft video game Omicron, compare with reality and prepare to be amazed.

10) Turn to Christ and love each other. This is how we win this, everything else will follow.

3 months ago

are we sick of watching the biden illigitamit administration destroy our country? crush any chance of our children having a future,or living in freedom. nows time to do our part support the truckers. if you can come to washington come let your voice be them we demand accountability and support freedom,and denounce lawlessness created by this administration.this is probally the most important thing any of us will ever due. we dont want to be enslaved by bill gates ,soros,and klauss schwab,and murdered by there genocide.

3 months ago

The Dictator, like his father, is at war with Canadians. He has turned the Canadian into the Gestapo … and they have complied. I believe many of these new Canadian “Police” are U.N. Military Forces. They don’t give a damn about Canadians. But the Queen (British Royalty) is where the orders are coming from. England is afraid of losing its British Empire. And it will. Somebody start building the gallows.