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While We Are Distracted, The WHO Is Ramming Through an International Treaty on ‘Pandemic’ Procedures [VIDEO]

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4 months ago

How do you stop that?

4 months ago
Reply to  Mam.204

Ignore it.

April griffith
4 months ago

Well someone better get on this bullsh**. We don’t trust the WHO nor do we need any laws from their PLANDEMIC

Bill Sharpe
1 month ago

It is my opinion that the evil in the world are possessed by a brain parasite, and These parasite are trying to take over not only earth but are trying to migrate into space by having humans build forms of transportation for them, and then the humans will transport them to other worlds.

There is a very important message that Jesus said that he is the King of all host, because he was fighting These brain parasite by freeing people’s minds from These brain parasites, he was able to cure people by using the power of their own mind to reverse the effects of the brain parasites which had crippled and blinded people.

Vampires or the term vampires describes parasites which can control man, another brain parasite may be the werewolf parasite, trying to transform men into women or women into men, just my opinion.