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Attorney Thomas Renz Responds To Pfizer Admitting The Covid Vaccine Kills People [VIDEO]

Thomas Renz joins host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to call for tribunals and jail time to hold those accountable for forcing deadly medical tyranny on the people in the name of saving them from Covid-19.

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1 year ago

Screw jail. Selling your fellow citizens out, leading to their deaths- is treason.
They killed for profit and politics.
They use firing squads or ropes for those kinda trials?

1 year ago

They brought back the firing squad under Trump (Barr). They haven’t brought back hanging yet.

I think however it is done, it should be televised on every channel on every tv globally. This is NOT the only “hanging offense” that has been committed, and certainly not the only country that has been victimized. Make them ALL public and make viewing them as unavoidable as possible.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sue

I’ll settle for firing squad

1 year ago

Ropes are good. We cant reuse bullets and theyve taken enough of our money so get a good rope

Rebecca Ross
1 year ago

The jab is doing exactly what Gates wanted to do

1 year ago

Dr. Mikovits is in orders of magnitude better than Malone and McCullough.

1 year ago

Where are these docs at. This must be a new doc dump

1 year ago

The mortality rate would undoubtedly be (considerably) higher if there weren’t any placebos given to people.

1 year ago
Reply to  Marsha

It is actually MUCH higher – these figures are seemingly only for the immediately obvious deaths. They do not seem to count those that fell outside of the CDC’s manipulated definitions and time frames. They also don’t include those who developed potentially deadly conditions and then subsequently died – or have not died yet.

It is estimated that between 10% and 20% were given placebos. So the math will not be accurate until those figures are released.

Additionally – these figures are ONLY for the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine. They do not include J&J, Moderna or any of the concoctions given outside the United States. However – all of the mRNA vaccines will show similar situations.

Cormirnaty was never produced for distribution and was not developed at the time this particular report came out. It also has a slightly different formula from the BioNTech version which is why the judge said they were NOT interchangeable despite the FDA slight-of-hand – and therefore is also not included in these figures. That would be a separate trial study.

The others probably were safer, but no more “effective” at vaccinating against the common cold (which is what ALL models were based on).

April griffith
1 year ago

This is literally crimes against humanity. It was premeditated. Even after citizens fought against it they FORCED CITIZENS. THIS IS TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND AMERICA. STRING THEM ALL UP. PUBLICLY. WE THE PEOPLE WOULD GLADLY DO IT IF NOBODY ELSE HAS THE BALLS

1 year ago

forget jail time. These criminal traitors need hanging time.

1 year ago

History repeating itself 100 fold. Remember the so called Spanish flu plandemic 1917 that had nothing to do with Spanish anything? My people perish for lack of knowledge.

1 year ago

The war is not against Ukraine, it’s against the deep state. Wake up sheeple

1 year ago

Go Thomas Renz You have my vote

1 year ago

Computers are also being seized here today they are threats against freedom and right there the same criminals that if clinging to the administration with the computers what to do is that if the vaccine that if this is about health and that is not They must make a global law that works on paper, not on the computer, not even because of Elon Musk, why those people from Silicon Valley, what is becoming an apocalyptic threat against the freedom of humanity, the world of computers, but what must be freeze the growth of the transistors of the chips also moore’s law80% of the citizens in the world of computing are criminals and I am from here in Puerto Rico That the criminals of the week are well attached to computers and what cannot be eliminated the computer and that everything that is a priority priority be worked by handwriting Going through health and well-being and safety and starting from ceutical pharmaceuticals, medical insurance, pharmacies and e he doctor computers are dictatorships against freedom starting with what is free software