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Australian Health Official Now Admits the Vaccinated Are Dying From Myocarditis [VIDEO]

But they said it was safe and effective...

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1 year ago

Yes it does concern us when there are deaths at home.. Concern us. Is that the right word in the context?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Wow, is he scared! And he should be!

1 year ago

Might have been good to know prior to taking the vax. Governments are responsible for withholding information and hiding it. Courts have been forcing their hands.

1 year ago

Never trusted the Globalist/Big Pharma/Corrupt Goverment cabal. Had no reason to trust them. Never took their toxic cocktail…

1 year ago

The murder was planned. All government leaders are culpable and will face justice. If not in this world, then in the court of the King of Kings and in that court, absolutely nothing will remain hidden. All will be revealed for the whole world to see and justice will be swift and fair and they will be without excuses.

1 year ago

The judiciary are them.
All Freemasons. All Satanists.
They have infiltrated everywhere worldwide, from the top down. That’s why this is taking place with no accountability. We are in huge trouble.

1 year ago

Everyone knew. Few believed.

Timothy Yorgan
1 year ago

Typical “deep state” jerks…don’t believe the actual science from all the doctors you’ve censored…instead wait until your citizens start dying from what you’ve done to them, before doing any correcting. You’ll pay for this folley!

1 year ago

Governments and corporations have colluded and conspired with the WEF in a murder-for-profit scam against the public, a democide. The WEF’s totalitarians have infiltrated (Schwab’s words, not mine) governments worldwide. They have incentivized the medical industry, law enforcement, public agencies and intelligence agencies in all Western countries to support them in their profit and power scam. These predators are a criminal cartel of the ‘beyond wealthy’ individuals who have put into play a long-term planned agenda of the UN/WEF.

THAT’S IT. PERIOD. And we all know where AU’s Ardern stands in her absolute insanity. She’s a Schwabite graduate like Freedland and Trudeau–all liars, murderers, thieves.

I Know You
1 year ago
Reply to  elle

Elle said it best… Ditto. We are bwing culled by rhe ugliest and nerdiest…. I wouldve beat up Schwab and Gates a million times if they threatened me as a kid… These politicians and globalists are LOSERS!!!!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  I Know You

They are Freemasons. Freemasons are Satanists.

1 year ago
Reply to  elle

Governments are corporations

1 year ago

Greg Hunt was the previous health minister. He’s now left the Australian cooperate government and because he has committed worldwide genocide, is now joining the WHO.
Greg Hunts brothers are all as evil as him. One brother has been experimenting with Graphene oxide in mice and remote controlling them in his laboratory in Queensland.
The jabs a full of graphene oxide.
A conductor. Look it up, the technology in humans is all over Utube.
These maggots are Freemasons.
Adelaide open displays their lodges and their evil emblem is above all church halls. Welcome to the New World Order. There are no conspiracies, just truth.

1 year ago

The whole point over the virus, the vaxx, and Ukraine is DEPOPULATION. It’s the only way to stop global warming in their goddess minds

1 year ago

What a gobshite criminal this guy is