Australian Media Tries To Hide Massive Heart Attack Vaccine Damage [VIDEO]

News 9 Australia tries to blame the massive heart attacks and death happening in young people to a genetic defect. Keep watching and you will learn what is actually happening.

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8 months ago

Meanwhile I think it was ch 10, could have been CITIBANKS 9, anyway 1 of them ran a story on evening prime time national news about 9vmonths ago saying that Aussies need now to expect to see, either thousands or tens of thousands, I m not sure exactly, of people having heart attacks now because they were naughty and didn’t go to the drs during lockdown Saying that it’s their own fault.

8 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Wow!!!! That is truly messed up.

8 months ago

What a hideous breed the msm are! No prizes for guessing what’s causing heart attacks in these young people! This was unheard of 18 months ago, but now, every second day I’m hearing of a new victim, and I don’t even want to begin to imagine how much worse this is about to become!

8 months ago

This is not good news! How do you get rid of the spike protein! I am not vaccinated but my family members are and they play sports.