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Dr. Zelenko: “I Think This Is a Test From God” [VIDEO]

"Who are you gonna bow down to? You gonna bow down to your creator... or you gonna bow down to these sociopaths that wanna kill, enslave, and change your sanctity that you're made in the image of God?"

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6 months ago


Carl Gantz
6 months ago

Or a con job from the father of con jobs. Cain, the first murderer, the seedline that GOD put ENMITY against Eve and Adams seedline; yes, the sons of cain, the kenites, the scribes for the tribe of judah, the scribes that delivered Jesus to Pilate, whos forefathers murdered Abel, in the end those that say they are Jews and do lie and are the synagogue of satan… PURE SCRIPTURE, PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT, LINE ON LINE, HERE A LITTLE AND THERE A LITTLE….

6 months ago

Or. humans will choose their own fate, one that includes love, trust, peaceful and nonviolent prosperity. These things are not in conflict with God, but in harmony with The Divine Light of the benevolent Creator.

Wise men have famously warned not to underestimate the enemy. And humans were starting to fall asleep at the wheel since WW2, until recently when the Great Canadian Awakening manifested as the turcker convoys heard around the world.

In that context, humans face an enemy that can be defeated by noncompliance en masse–a short game of attrition, really, considering the heads of the hydra that infect and poison our civilization cannot outlive 8 billion people. And Mr. Global actually thinks that incompetent leaders/authorities

So I’m not afraid, because evil doesn’t scare me. I was born in the Light of the Sun. They can destroy my atoms. Erase my memories. Fake my behaviours. But my Spirit shall never be destroyed. Should those events come to pass for me too, I will reawaken in another, the Eternal Flame of Human Spirit ,burns brightest. Rinse/repeat x 8 billion humans.

That gang of billionaire psychopaths pushing their fake reset transhuman agenda are the ones who are afraid. Those sick demons are terrified–See how they clamour over each other, their petty tyrant minions stuck like rats on a sinking ship. Just wait until uncontrollable thirst compels them to start turning to seawater. Look no further than Canada– its citizens endured years of harsh medical tyranny, vs the corrupt CDN gov’t that can’t even last a month when the Freedom Convoy peacefully gave those petty tyrants a taste of their own medicine.

And we can all continue taking away the power we gave them. We an stop their egregious abuse of destructive lockdowns and killshot mandates through an single act of collective noncompliance.

Maybe the scriptures are accurate in their predictions. That just means God Always Wins.

God bless.