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EXCLUSIVE: Texas Primaries RIGGED, Deleted Votes, Algorithms, Early Voting Exposed by Candidate Aaron Sorrells

The Texas Primary Elections took place on March 3rd, 2022. President Trump has boasted a “clean sweep” for candidates he endorsed, but other candidates and the citizens of Texas are not convinced.

Due to the RINO establishment’s failure to secure the Southern Border, failure to stand up to mask mandates the way Republicans did in Florida, and other issues, Texas voters were energized and excited to put Patriots in positions of power.

However, people were quick to notice that their favorite candidates would LOSE votes that had already been counted. On top of that, there were voting locations that turned down Republican voters, and there was even a very obvious algorithm that used EARLY VOTES to steal the election.

In this video, Alex Sheppard interviews Texas Lieutenant Governor candidate Aaron Sorrells who brings the evidence to the table.

The question for America remains:

How can we take back our country if we keep having to vote in stolen elections?

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Christine Foster
2 months ago

Great guy I would vote for him.. Its outragous

2 months ago


2 months ago

I didn’t vote for Dan Patrick but I didn’t know you

2 months ago

I voted for Alan West for Governor

2 months ago

You can’t. And while the Courts refuse to be honest you won’t You have to get rid off the SCOTUS as the first step to freedom. They’re corript and have too much power and they’ve been acting unconstituiinally since they started acting as legislators rather than just as adjudicators of laws. And that started when that one who was suffocated at pedo ranch by that 16 yo sex worker boy and Obomo covered it all up, first made it that law that only scotus s interoration of religious freedom was valid, not churches or temples or whatever When he, what was his name, fat Catholic guy, Italian name, was chief justice. Made them God.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Abrinin Scallini that removed 7tg day adventists right to refuse blood transfusions back in the late 90s from memory.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous


2 months ago

Texans sure talk big, then they knuckle under and let the libs rig another election. Texas turned into a left wing sewer when nobody was looking. They even decided to re elect their rino governor.
I don’t want to hear any more about the Texas pussies. They’re becoming California number two.

2 months ago

We have the best govt. $ can buy 😉

2 months ago

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Democrat election fraud has been nurtured and protected instead of stopped. Sooo…