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Mindy Robinson: What The Hell Is *Really* Going On In Ukraine? [VIDEO]

Via Mindy Robinson:

With dozens of fake news stories being pushed out by the Ukrainian government and Russian news being banned across most platforms, it begs the this war mongering just an attempt to cover up the crimes corrupt US government officials committed not only there in Ukraine but also here with covid?

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3 months ago

Fake news broadcasts are intended to distract viewers from the Greatest Medical Racketeering
Crime In History. More people have died from the COVID-19 vax, from Hell, than U.S. military casualties during WW II and the Korean War.
Taxpayer money is used to pay Big Pharma for the vax to kill taxpayers; then, U.S. politicians waived liability for neurological injury and deaths by doctors and Big Pharma. Oh How Sweet
It Is! Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. thinks he can flimflam Americans into going to war.
Will Democrats and Republicans kowtow to the will of Biden; and, not protest with vigor?

However, a look back into the not too distant past reveals what fomented the potential of a
U.S. – Russia nuclear war:

  • Nazis invaded and controlled the Ukraine during WW II
  • Wise Nazis remained in the Ukraine after WW II
  • Neo-Nazis took control of Ukraine government
  • Western Ukraine is the strong hold of Neo-Nazis

Are There Nazis in Ukraine? A Visit to Lviv 
BY Joshua Tartakovsky, SpeakOut PUBLISHED – January 6, 2015 
Nazis In Ukraine 
The fact that neo-Nazis now form part of army units sent to fight in East Ukraine and that Ukraine has been experiencing a wave of extreme nationalism as marches have recently been held in Kiev marking the 106th birthday of Bandera, means that it may be difficult to place the demons unleashed by the US back into the bottle. 
Ukrainian fascism is still very much alive, with even Prime Minister Yatsenyuk referring to the population in East Ukraine as “sub-humans.” After making our way to Poland the next day, we saw several carriers transporting modern tanks. As the US continues to support Ukrainian fascists and delivers tanks to the wider region, the demons of the past have returned. The same fascist slogans of “Death to the Enemies” are being voiced in Kiev, with Ukrainian soldiers calling for “purification of the nation.” 
The questions of what to make of modern-day Nazis and of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), Organization for Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Stepan Bandera, suddenly became relevant and highlighted again the importance of understanding history in understanding the present.  
Nazis, still, control the western Ukraine. 

Putin sent the Russian military into the Ukraine to destroy Weaponized G.O.F.
Labs (25), funded by the U.S. Pentagon. No sane leader of a nation would permit
a nation controlled by Neo-Nazis to locate Weaponized G.O.F. Labs next door!

3 months ago
Reply to  Arrant

tv watchers are mindless drones.

3 months ago

I could be wrong, but that Snake Island sure looks like the Epstein Island… LOL If they can simulate NBA games, why not a war? But the Ukraine simulation project must be on a very tight budget, so they need to copy and paste from video games and movies.
Whoever make this video is very sharp and resourceful. Most people won’t catch the cheats.

Troy E Wahlbrink
3 months ago

The Plague thing was mentioned and I still remember how they were planting the story in the public minds a few years ago. Dr Drew was commenting on how bad the L.A. area had gotten and he said there were cases of “the plague, yes the plague” found and he “feared” it might break out massively unless something was done. I couldn’t stand him on LoveLine in the late 80’s/early 90’s and once he sold out as a shill afterwards, my opinion was confirmed.
These rats were playing a little more predictive programming on us and it looks like it’s never going to have a chance to happen how they wanted it to.

Linda Theiss
3 months ago

Very good and extremely eye opening.

GW Rennels
3 months ago

Death to those that would violate the Nato agreement. No Bio weapon labs built by America. Putin destroyed them. Now hold them accountable

3 months ago

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Sheila Sure
3 months ago

NO AMERICANS are standing with demoncrat Soros puppet biden over Ukraine. WE stand with a fellow CHRISTIAN PUTIN

3 months ago

Wish I could join putin

3 months ago

Ask Hunter Biden or the big guy. Think about the shill Sean Hannity and the other’s we think are conservatives.