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Mysterious Blood Clots — Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole Joins Steve Kirsch [VIDEO]

He thinks they are due to the vaccine. He couldn't think of any other cause.

He only started hearing lots of reports of this in Jan 2022.

So it couldn't be caused by COVID. So if it wasn't the vaccine (booster dose specifically), what was it?

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8 months ago

Once you have used up all your clotting material to make stupid abnormal clots, you can proceed to uncontrolled bleeding – that would explain the haemorrhages

The dude
8 months ago

I am unvaxxed. Had severe covid. Was in ICU and then hospital for two months getting blood tests daily. D-Dimer went to over ten (normal high limit is 0.5). Am I Subject to the same fate as the Vaxxed as far as future clot damage?
I know many people that got vaxxed asap and have gotten the booster too. Why haven’t any of them died yet?

8 months ago
Reply to  The dude

i would guess yes, you were denied early treatment and spiked protein went everywhere. look into organic germanium. the shot i believe is radiating peoples blood.. slowly shrinking blood vessels and causing red blood cells to stick… they need germanium way way worse because it detoxifies body and blocks free radicals

8 months ago

could clotting be from radiation, radiating blood shrinks blood vessels and causes red blood cells to stick…. Anthony faucci was just busted radiating an apes immune system…. this would be easy to prove or disprove. risks of nanoparticles are they produce high levels of free radicals. read that graphene oxide multiples radiation.

8 months ago

What can be done to break it up or dissolve the clotting proteins ?

leigh franssen
8 months ago
Reply to  Catherine

Check out Dr Mercola’s website.