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Never Seen Before: Bill Gates Repeatedly Tells Trump Not To Study Ill Effects Of Vaccines [VIDEO]

"That's a dead end. That would be a bad thing. Don't do that."

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1 year ago

Actually, the video, and clips of it, have been available for a couple of years:

Bill Gates advised Trump not to listen to RFKJr {this video takes about 30 secs to come up.}
Trump followed the instructions of Bill Gates; He did Not investigate the safety concerns of COVID-19 vaccines. Did Gates and Trump make a deal? 

1 year ago

The video is new to me but the message is old. I had heard Trump was going to make RFK a vaccine czar, in charge of insuring vaccine safety for all vaccines. This happened in 2016 and was unrelated to COVID which had not yet been deployed.

Trump got a call from Bill Gates who talked him out of it. I don’t know what was said but my suspicion is that Bill Gates pointed out the impact Big Pharma and the vaccine industrial complex had on the stock market. Trump likes to brag about the stock market, that’s his focus, IMO.

I wonder if Gates let him in on their plans for the Universal pan-influenza vaccine, and sold him on the new platform technology and how it could be a boon for the stock market.

1 year ago

This is old. Stew lies. A sensationalist.. Trump was newly elected. He reports to gates asap. Hes given 8nstrucyion and obeys. Go over boys hang out on islands

1 year ago

In a sane world Kill Bill gates of hell would have been executed long ago together with the midget madman, aka drug cartel super sicario “Doc” Tony Jaws Fauci, for serial crimes against humanity, democide and a slew of other criminal activities. RFK’s tome on Fauci is a criminal indictment from page 1 that reveals how rotten the entire US society is and those that control it. Only the total demolition of the nightmare offers any hope. But this is USA where a senile charlatan with dementia is the resident fake president and a gaggle of third rate old drunks “runs” the gubermint. It looks very much like the last days of the USSR except in Washing town and surrounding sewerland everyone will go for the jugular instead of reaching out a helping hand when the entire shack finally collapses and burns.

If USA were not a failed state kakistocracy then these criminal thugs would be presented as the mass murdering psychopaths that they are and not so-called philanthropists bleeding humanity dry.

Onward to the end

1 year ago

red voice media is not like other white sites., which allow free speech comments without waiting for approval., that says a lot.

1 year ago
Reply to  natehughes

We did that because of spam that was impacting our readers. If you don’t like it, maybe time to find another site. Thanks for reading.

Anthony guzman
11 months ago

Gates is a PedoPig psychopath