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“There Is Gonna Be a New World Order” – Joe Biden Reveals the Plan Out Loud

"There is gonna be a New World Order out there, and we've got to lead it."

No shame. They think they can say it to our faces and get away with it.

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1 year ago

Joe Biden, get out of the people’s house with your entire administration and I will tell you why. Trump won. You cheated; you stole it.

Mark Zuckerberg donated 350 million and I cannot go on as there has been so much corruption, lying, deceit and the thought angers me to know that you would allow the illegal mandated jabs but also the poisoning of the entire country.

 Innocent people, children miscarriage deaths, hospital deaths intentional withholding PROPER medical treatment to push sick people to become more ill with the goal of getting them vented (another reimbursement incentive to kill by Covid) even if it wasn’t Covid, they died of Covid for that once again final bonus from the federal government

You can understand we must seek justice. 
A NWO. will be WWII

A religious war; God vs Satan. 

God is not corrupt, the rest of you can easily identify yourselves.
We The People, will not be in any world order run by the elite, the corrupt, we want no part of your world. .
Joe, you have too many skeletons falling out of the closet, I despise a liar, deceit, there is no integrity all I have witnessed is lie after lie then the sin of all sins, the poisoning of innocent people not by missiles but by injections.
I don’t think you realize what a profoundly serious crime that has been committed.
The US Government has deliberately POISONED citizens illegally. 

We must hold every single one of you accountable starting with you,
Joe Biden, Commander in Chief who sent the mandated blanket orders illegally, causing many deaths, injuries, and unknown illnesses for the future
You will be held responsible for these crimes against humanity along with others, the CDC, FDA, Fauci, Walensky and others, as they all work under your command. 

You can all hop a ride on SpaceX to Jupiter with Putin, Soros, Schwab, and the rest of the clan… don’t forget to take Pelosi & Hillary with you! 

Only way out of what I call Nuremberg 2.0
The New World Order is a COVER for a SATANIC CULT with Transhumanism Ideology. God is not included. 

What is included is this:

At your command: The blanket mandated poisoning of pregnant women and children with a deadly medical experiment, injected into their body by deceit, fear mongering including threats of job loss.

You caused needless deaths, injuries, and miscarriages in addition to the stress suffered by so many people, their children, masking faces, and it continues where I will push for more severe punishments for every day after the first month of that jab roll-out. Why? You all knew very well.

You also did that same mandate that poisoned our DoD.

Our pilots, mothers, fathers, grandparents, my two adult daughters, their husbands and my two grandchildren, all jabbed with poisons before I had the chance to warn them. 
The only NWO taking place will be seeking justice for these horrific crimes against humanity in all world history. 
As I recall, the reporters and media were hung for lying to the people at the Nuremberg Trials.
That is capital punishment. You, Pelosi, Fauci and the rest are not above the law.

We the people will assemble the government with the tools our Forefathers left us for times that our government would become so out of control, and it is beyond doubt we are at that point.
I also want justice to be served for every act, every step, and/ or piece of paper you signed that did not put America first to be known and documented as one Commander in Chief working against the country rather than in its best interests.

Once again and many times over you have breached the oath taken to serve this country. This began on day one of your administration whereas you reversed the work of our beloved President Trump did to safeguard our country by putting America First, you put her last. You do so to this day.

A foreign country is getting billions of our American dollars, but our border didn’t get fixed first.

The Biden Administration is equally guilty in addition to that, all the truth is coming out over our 2020 elections, the most botched election in my lifetime.  How disgraceful. 

1 year ago
Reply to  lisanne

mark zuckerberg, thinks premeditation is a joke., when in fact it is a highly criminal act in his case. hie misled many through censorship , and false information into getting this bio weapon., so under u.s. law if he is charged, and found guilty, he will receive the death penalty

1 year ago

He might think his mob are going to lead it, but they didn’t create it They’re only any good at following and obeying and complying. Like robots The front line of the new world orders robots.

Barbara LeDoux
1 year ago

I’ve been trying to warn people about the plans of the new world order for over 2 years. Not many people believe what I’ve been trying to tell them, they think I’m a conspiracy theorist. Well, here it is straight from Biden’s mouth!

1 year ago

Biden’s offering to the NWO is a Trillion dollar deficit. The U.S.A. largest debtor nation in the world.

1 year ago

When the elites jew cabal minions, are being prophets ,like fucked up brandon here., who`s world is collapsing before his very own eyes, these [psychopathic genocidal atheist, know they are losing] the only thing these bio-terrorist can bank on is their demise. this is not the new world order, or the end of the world, but* long time criminals and their long time crimes catching up to them. that is it. all else is their media hype. because of right now. every single one of them, is out numbered and out gunned., these criminals tricked their own mercenaries into a chaotic situation in the Ukraine., tricking any mercenary is a highly dangerous, thing among them., too late for knowing. in any case., we should, as Americans start to clean out our own trash., by law., and if the law fails, the gun will prevail. May God be the glory of it all.

1 year ago

I know another President said it years and years ago, but can’t remember which one. Anyway it’s not new They’ve been planning it for 500 years.