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They’re Literally Experimenting On Us — Different Dosages and Blends for Different Batches

Dr. Naomi Wolf: "There was a huge spike, as I recall, of millennial deaths right around the time that boosters rolled out, and if you look at this table, it would appear that some batches could have more of the spike protein, more of the lipid nanoparticles than others... and it's not adjusted for weight or size."

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1 year ago

Wow, this is incredible and solid proof that Pfizer and Moderna have been conducting experiments on people without their consent!

1 year ago

Who else is in the control group

1 year ago

For the most part, doctors were not administering nor overseeing the administration of these vaccines …. most were given by civil servants pressed into service to address the urgent need to get a jab in every arm….conveniently afforded most docs plausibly deniability.

1 year ago

When you take into consideration the doses given politicians: Biden, Harris, Trump, Pence, Pelosi, Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the majority of members, of both parties, in both houses of Congress and the outcomes, a red flag should appear in your mind.

Why? Harris is the only one I have heard stating that she only had mild flu like symptoms from the COVID19 jabs. I recall her to have taken Moderna.
Not one former member of the political mob, current or past, has reported any Adverse Events.

Imagine That! This 117th Congress includes the most geriatric members in history. Older people are said to be the most at risk. Just think; not one has suffered a neurological injury or death.
Amazing! The non-adverse effects of mRNA & Viral Vector vax upon member of Congress is proof enough to reveal that Yes! Big Pharma gives out special vial doses to the vax that are mild and less harmful to people who must not report adverse events.

Why so? Reports of adverse events within groups such as politicians, federal and state department heads, and celebrities would hinder or stop sales of Big Pharma vax.

Their plan appears to be: injure and kill ordinary citizens; then, come back later to injure and kill politicians et al. people with the boosters.

Posted by Joshua Flint | Jan 29, 2022 | – 

November 1, 2020 (404) 664-4044
CDC Admits COVID-19 did not Cause 94% of Reported Deaths Director has 28 Year History of “Scientific Misconduct” – 

1 year ago

They’re not experimenting on me. I have not and will not get that sh**shot injected into my body. I am not vaccine hesitant, I am vaccine refusal. PERIOD. END OF STORY.


1 year ago

Didn’t experiment on me as I refuse to take their bioweapon clot shot masquerading as a vaccine.