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Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Confirms ‘Biological Research Facilities’ In Ukraine [VIDEO]

This was 'considered' conspiracy theory 48 hours ago...

"Ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact, we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of."

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4 months ago

At the end of her statement here, she confused the words “Russia” and “Democrats”

4 months ago

self delusion! oh, the hypocisy……

4 months ago

This is obviously Staged. Putin will destroy the vaccine vials containing the nano chip. The chip is a multi-purpose mind control platform, and can target other organs. Myself, I’d hack the program and turn it on their opposition. They’re good at hacking.

4 months ago

Ha! That’s funny! I was just yelling the exact same thing at my phone screen, lol!

Judirh Walker
4 months ago

Pay no attention to anything this woman says. She helped fashion the deep state regime in Ukraine. There are BSL Labs in Ukraine (About 13). They have been supported by U.S. dollars. Russia is in Ukraine not to steal the materials in these labs, but to destroy them all. For a long time Russia has complained that the U.S. was developing bioweapons near its border. They finally decided to do something about it.

And the other person who commented was spot on. What Ms. Nuland attributes to Russia we can all attribute to the Ds and the Deep State.

4 months ago

The LYING Ho, is desperately trying to cover her own Criminal Arse, and all her Pervert mates

4 months ago

A classic Russian technique to blame the other guys for what they are doing themselves. Does that mean all democrats are Russian because that is exactly what they do all the time, they blame everyone else for what they themselves do. Is that why democrats crushed our oil industry in order to bolster Russia’s oil industry? Sounds about right for democrats.