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Updates On The Pfizer Document Dump With Naomi Wolf [VIDEO]

82 attorneys sifting through 55,000 documents...meaningful findings...

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8 months ago

What if it is to late for our kids

Sarah Rogers
7 months ago

This is great news, however these vaccine companies are protected from any lawsuits, retaliation or lability! To sue or har any resolve as far as that goes we would then sue or hold our own government responsible, rig by..this suing our own selfs essentially! Thanks so much for bringing the truth to light! I pray many will now stat to believe us truthers, but just like my family they refuse to believe anything far from what the TV puts in their no longer functioning brainwashed minds!! Wow that have an extra extraordinary job dumbing humans down, h success rate is unbelievable & any reversal is next to impossible..I’ve found!! To detox your body of his nano technology and such in the “vaccine” take a bath in Epsom salt and borax. God bless everyone, he is right around the corner and he is going to cleanse his earth and retur it to it’s puriest! Keep loving, keep the hope & the faith, the strength and the courage..fight for the truth, fight for right! Gods Warriors!!