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Where’s Fauci? From Big Media Obsession To Obscurity – Two Weeks To Flatten His Ego – Pandemic Over [VIDEO]

He’s been reduced to the Woke AF Pod and answering “Why don’t we vaccinate the bats?”

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the unknown mouse
1 year ago

More like TWO YEARS to flatten Fauci’s ego. Actually, The Beast has pivoted to activate their Cyber Polygon simulation, which Rockefeller Foundation called “Hack Attack.” It’s the SHTF grid failure that preppers have described, for decades. BTW, Russia’s Sberbank and an intelligence unit participated in the practice-grid collapse. That suggests Ukraine is part of the joint GLOBAL operation designed to destroy banking, the free markets, and replace with digital social credit system.

Fauci and China don’t feel left out. They’re just cast members, waiting in the wings for their entrance cues.

Noralf Mork
1 year ago

But hello Fox! Why be so pathetic as to ignore Kennedy’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”, the all best selling book in America!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Noralf Mork

Because it’s the TRUTH. Fox can’t go so far as to tell the whole truth otherwise they’d be thrown out of the FakeSM club. Hence, this sad attempt at humour regarding Fauci the mass murderer and his long time psychopathic friends.

1 year ago
Reply to  elle

just what I said, literally, in my comment above!
Spot on, you!

1 year ago

He’s in hiding. The totalitarians don’t need him anymore. He’s a liability to them. Nevertheless, he’s still a mass murderer as are the entire bunch of the Schwabites worldwide. I have no humour about him, his part in covid or his overlords. They all must be taken down.

Fauci will be the first one to be taken down. Given his disappearance, I suppose he knows that fact. He’s been in hiding from the public.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 year ago
Reply to  elle

Anal Schwab’n W€F’n NWØ caBaalist company are inveterate as wholes [sic] that require a taste of what Madame Just°ice has to offer said egregiou°sly crew. . . I rue NØT! ⚡☝⚡

1 year ago
Reply to  elle

The all must be taken down.
Well said.
Do you realize it’s the Yanks who host all of the pest leaders?
Do you realize it’s the Yanks who have the most sophisticated weapons?
Do you realize, all the pest leaders are STILL walking?

So what’s your cry out for; ‘Taking Them Down?’

Give me just one, and they’ll be history, tomorrow!

People have lost the comprehension of “Being War”. Pussies. They think they can defeat the devil by trying to embrace and love and kiss the devil. Good luck to you dreamers.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 year ago

Phoney baloney toe-knee foul chi appears to now possess the status of dead meat! First, citizenry are commanded to worship said falls dog–erm, false god: thereafter, said beast retreats, and the real warship is rite on. . , Hell O WW³. . . Pffft! 💰³☠³💰

1 year ago

They chose the perfect name!
Fox News.
Have you ever thought about this BS?

And you STILL believe they’re better then the rest of highly paid propaganda camps?


Now, go about and do what you do best. Delete any exposing comment.