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Woman Stuns French Media When She Tells Her Truth, The Opposite Of Big Media’s Ukraine Narrative [VIDEO]

"Woman tells truth about Ukraine live on French media. Hosts are stunned." - futurebrain

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1 year ago

That sounds familiar, the United States has a puppet government, no doubt.

1 year ago
Reply to  3Pawz

WEF Klaus Schwabb group put Zelensky there, and we taxpayers have funded the more than 15 bio labs that Putin (who was also a grad of Young global leaders group) is destroying. Think maybe Putin taught well and now he is working for the good of all Russians – ?

1 year ago

00:40 “The roots of the problem were starting to show in 2014” If this was a British or American media outlet, they would have started to end the interview RIGHT THERE.

1 year ago

how quickly people 4get history. US installed a puppet president in 2014 in ukraine and it has since been the honey pot of $$ for the children of those in our govt like hunter biden, john kerry’s son, a relative of pelosi’s and im sure many many many more. for that boob to say use the democratic system and vote them out clearly he is a boob or lying. the govt of the USA is got so much coming to it, I surely would not want to be a politician no matter how much u paid me. they damn n ear all have blood on their hands going back decades upon decades.

1 year ago
Reply to  RelevantC

Yes, starting with JFK in Dallas, the first REAL turning point in American history since 1776, even bigger than the Civil War in its long-term effects

1 year ago
Reply to  RelevantC

Well said

1 year ago
Reply to  RelevantC

This situation didn’t start in 2014. It’s trail goes back millenniums. Researching Babylonia, Sumer, Egypt, Rome, China and India outside main stream book learning, will lead to a new understanding who we have been lied to for thousands of years by a small secret society of parasites. Truth is stranger than fiction!

1 year ago

Interesting how the ensconced French political analysis/arguing in the background appears to be attempting to change the woman’s narrative to meet the current ‘Russia is evil’ boogeyman scenario. In the process they were not listening to her in refutation of the truths she states. Those truths are not in support of the FakeSM’s Western narrative about what is happening in the Ukraine.

If you’ve seen the recent faked images and war stories in the Ukraine that have been on Twitter, then you know. Old images. Old boys’ club crap. Amazing. Totalitarians are sticking together to lie, lie, lie.

Teresa Broadway
1 year ago
Reply to  elle

I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking this! I’m a proud red blooded American veteran. My gut told me weeks ago that something here stinks. I’ve tried to share so much of what is going, lies from our administration and 99% of the media outlets, with friends and family but Americans are suckers for the lies coming from them. The is a dog and pony show in America. I just wish more people could see this, there’s a narrative for sure.

1 year ago

“but journalists are assassinated in other countries too”..yeh that is a great justification mhm…..they are really trying to spin different from what the woman is saying and talk all over her…bad interviewing

Teresa Broadway
1 year ago
Reply to  Delores

I just hope she keeps talking about this and doesn’t get discouraged.

1 year ago

This interview shows the ‘typical’ behavior and reaction by the host toward the guest speaker. The woman is Ukrainian, who immigrated to France decades ago, visiting her family and relatives regularly since then. How dare to override this lady while trying to give an eye-witness report on the present situation in the Ukraine. The rudeness of the host and audience interrupting the guest speaker, arguing with each other while the lady is sitting there patiently, waiting to get a word in edgewise is utterly impulsive and childish.
The mass media is awash with never ending lies and deception since its beginning. There is no such thing as an honest news paper or journalist anymore if you are employed at one of the mass media news ministry of lies. Honest journalists have long left the arena, trying their best to report about actual happenings, always watching their back not to get killed or accident-ed, etc. If one wants to know who controls the media airways and printing presses, the individual is invited to research and follow the money trail of the international money changers. It’ll always leads to the same family names. Never ending war is their business game, always at the expense of the people on this planet. They give a rats arse who gets killed, maimed, raped, tortured, robed, enslaved, plundered, driven from the land, etc. etc. The ptb and their wealthy have always one, ’cause this planet is run and controlled by some ver different personalities than the average Jon Doe can even imagine.

The first casualty of all wars is always the TRUTH! The Ukraine has been part of Russia. Period! If one wants to find out, one must go back to the 7th, 8th century and learn the history of that region and how it became. High time to learn about the former Khazar empire and its ilks.

1 year ago

The puppet government was placed in Ukraine by the CIA