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Dr. Malone Wants Names: It’s Time to Start Doxing the World Economic Forum [VIDEO]

"We need to out these people. I mean, [the term that is used] is doxing. As far as I'm concerned with these folks, doxing is good; let's go get them."

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1 year ago

Why is no one mentioning Ivanka Trump is one of the “Young Global Leaders” elites?

1 year ago

you want names start with Trump and his EO ..…and then look at any David Martin Video he has the names, then look at all the press conferences Trump had re covcrap in 2019 and 2020 see who he names….if this guy cannot figure it out he is useless.

1 year ago
Reply to  msjrwidow

08/04/22 – “..this guy.” has it ‘figured out’, that’s what he is doing. Have you seen the very long list of
persons named as “Young Global Leaders” ? Everything is all about “America”– would that be North,
South or Central ?? There’s no such country as “America” specifically. Canada IS a country, U.S. is AS those two letters indicate,- a Union !! It so happens that Trudeau and his DPM- who is also now
Canada’s Finance Minister-(God help us!), are both Nazis and in Schwab’s list of YGLeaders.
Together, they are destroying Canada which he deceptively refers to as a “Democracy”-(not any more!)– to deceive the sheeple and hide the Nazi wolf inside. Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel are also YGLs. as well as “half” of Canada’s Liberal caucus. Dr. Malone is absolutely right !! He needs
our support – on both sides of the 49th fence. Further, the experimental jab is NOT a “vaccine” and
that word must cease to exist relative to cov(erup)id.

Larry Culp
1 year ago
Reply to  Bern

I am A United States Citizen.I attended college in Michigan.A young man,from Canada who attended the.same college told me that I am an Amercan, because I was born in The United States, ,but I in turn replied to him,,” You are an Amercan ,too.” But he disputed this to be The Truth, because he insisted that only United States citizens are Amercans. This occurred in 1980

1 year ago

Give us their names. Make them public and we will take care of it.

Brian Jones
1 year ago

Where is the WEF trainee spreadsheet??