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An Unlikely Antidote: Smokers Surprisingly Had No Issue With COVID-19 [VIDEO]

Dr. Bryan Ardis: "Around the world, it was less than 5% of everybody in hospitals were actually smokers, and they found that odd only because this was a respiratory virus... Nicotine is protective against COVID-19 because it stops these venoms from damaging and connecting to these nicotine receptors in your brain that control your diaphragm's ability to breathe."

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1 year ago

I actually think it is quite intelligent to break these info-rich bits of the whole documentary into bite-sized parts for people to ingest & meditate on the material in deep thought because there are a lot of moving pieces to this whole drama. That can be a bit overwhelming and it is hard to take it all in with the entire documentary, so to chunk it up and highlight the pertinent sections is brilliant and necessary. But I think we would do well to try and think of all the dangerous aspects that have been disclosed by numerous professionals and all outed on this program and others. So this seems to be the skinny, I think, on everything so far as I have understood it. I require a second and maybe a third watching of the whole, and time to think.

1) Seems like there are parts that pertain to the Remdesiver that is snake venom in nature that is discussed, and that is a lot to take in with the intro of the video. This is where Dr. Artis begins, and this is the final nail in the coffin at the hospital level to drop precious souls into eternity.

2A ) Then there is the discussion of the actual mRNA and the molecules that are placed within every single cell of the same things that God made in the snakes that make their venom but at the genetic level in the injected. Hence the Dr. Bing Lui genetic sequencer’s finds and his untimely execution- not to mention why in a year in a half the boss has not released what Dr. Bing knew. Where did that info go?

2 B) Dr. Love and others have spoken on the issue of the other genetic pieces of mRNA switching off genes for a whole host of ailments and death by disease mayhem. We know in the papers that were force-dumped that over 1000 special interest Adverse Effects can be produced with these sophisticated weapons,and Kingston has done lengthy interviews on these topics. There is so much more to this than what we realize. Yes, toss in 5 G too! ( Go to page 30!)

3) And then from what I understand, the intentional placing of snake venom to be placed in the water itself, hence the title of the video and the strange explanation they go over as to why the CDC can “predict” where “outbreaks” will occur within 5 days ( or whatever it was) based on sample testing of the water with the famous and worthless PCR test. Now, all that appears to be a cover story when the add the venom into the drinking water, thus causing the need for people to go into the hospital for a non-existent viral outbreak with Zero isolated viral particles that have been sued for by people all over the world; when in fact this is clearly a multitude of various poisoning in the water, which needs to be proven with water tests to strengthen your case. This is also the most concerning of it all, and the weakest link that needs to be tightened up. Let’s do that!

Do not forget that the injection that people were deceived into taking also has other dangerous issues contributing to their demise and murders:
4) Graphene Oxide for data communication collection ( 2 way) and various other metals which are forms of poisoning. People seizing and freaking out from the PEG or other forms of poisoning is how dogs act that have ingested rat poison, and that is how people are reacting.

5) And the theory that the German Doctor world-renown expert says that some form of Graphen that begins with an “h” is the equivalent of micro razor blades shredding the internal vein system both large and small, and he too was murdered.

I wish you would get more discussion on this, but I will say a job well done on what you have achieved because the editor was interviewed and Dr. Love was as well. We need more doctors to look into this and we need some expert Gene Sequences to look into the mRNA injection solutions to vet that they made them with the peptides and proteins and that S protein is Snake Venom Protiens. We could use some experts testing that and the blood of the injected as well because that would carry a lot of weight with people in evidence also.

1 year ago

Watched the Full “Watch the Water” yesterday. It was a Pearler! An Absolute Must Watch!!!๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ

1 year ago

Hi Stew, ScottyT from Oz. Have loved the work you do…..BUT…. Can you please explain why Dr Ardis and Dr Love appear to have POLAR OPPOSITE views on monoclonal antibodies. Dr Love even referred to your interview with him but never said a word about why her findings on the topic was the exact opposite of Dr Ardis’s. This is a HUGE contradiction when we are searching for consistency and clarity on this globally important and confusing subject.

1 year ago

Are you aware of the Postings of “The Guardians of the Looking Glass” on Yt and Bitchute? Stumbled across via Telegram Channel of Dieter Broers, renownded German Doctor in Quantum Medicine ( Healing Frequencies).
They have a really urgent message regarding the 18.04.22 in New York. Would have never taken it seriously before. It could be of major importance, so please check and share !!!