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Alex Jones Officially Reviews Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2000 Mules’ [VIDEO]

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Fred Zehend
15 days ago

Truth is most important. That’s all.

15 days ago

Watched 2000 Mules. Two takeaways: while the evidence was convincing, the show was overly long. The entire presentation could have been achieved in a much tighter, thirty minute timeframe. But no one would have dropped $20 for a thirty minute show. Not offended, just my observation.

The second takeaway: zero mention was made of any other equally compelling evidence that the election was stolen, some of it linked to the ballots toted by the mules. Vote counting discontinued, followed by huge ballot dumps propelling Biden into the lead in several battleground states. Ballots, preprinted by machine. Ballots run through scanners multiple times. More mail-in ballots returned than requested. USPS drivers delivering hundreds of thousands of ballots across states lines. And the infamous Dominion voting machines, connected and manipulated via the internet, flipping votes, or counting Trump votes as less than one and Biden votes as more than a single vote.

2000 Mules was believable, but could have served it’s purpose of informing the public of real election fraud evidence with a tip of the cap that the drop boxes were but the tip of the iceberg.

Thomas Hess
15 days ago

50,000 Mules at least.