Amazing New Discoveries for Treating the Vaccine-Injured: Dr. Kory & Dr. Marik Break Down Their Findings [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

American Conversations Host Christine Dolan speaks with FLCCC's Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory on their breaking release of new new treatment protocol for Covid vaccine-injured patients.

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1 year ago

These are real practice doctors and not those who may have the degree BUT sit in offices theorizing what has to be done…

1 year ago

How do I get past the repetitive My Pillow commercial?

Jimminey Cricket
1 year ago
Reply to  Vonu

They are all over and the products suck.

1 year ago

No link to the video. Would like to watch on Rumble and save it there. Cannot find.

1 year ago

When you opened up with an ad, I lost interest.

1 year ago

How do I get past the repetitive My Pillow commercial?

Use Brave browser.
You can watch yuotube with no ads at all too.

1 year ago
Reply to  Brett

Yet better. Trow out your Windows and start to use a Linux distro, as Mint. It’s free and you don’t have to use a antivirus program and firewall.

Dale Long
1 year ago

What about the fibrous clots that embalmers are increasingly finding in veins and arteries of deceased cadavers discussed by Dr. Jane Ruby. What the hell is up with that!

Jimminey Cricket
1 year ago

Chlorie Dioxide Solution (CDS) is well worth a look. Look up Dr. Kalcker on Bitchute “CDS for newbies”… for a start…

Liz Gandy
1 year ago

Dr Paul Marik, what is the black shadow the pops up time to time behind his head?