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Shots Fired With DeAnna Lorraine (Premium Plus)

Ex-Transgender Men REGRET! Hormones, Surgery & Regret Stories On Shots Fired with DeAnna Lorraine (FULL SHOW)

Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired! with DeAnna Lorraine with two deep-dive interviews with two former Transgender men who later de-transitioned, sharing their riveting stories of what what really happens when kids "transition," go through hormones and surgeries - and how Ron DeSantis' new "Don't Say Gay" Law is the ticket to preventing irreversible damage in children. Must-watch and share interviews!

Plus DeAnna goes over the top hottest headlines of the day, including scientists finding a massive mount of microplastics in human lungs, her thoughts on the Supreme court overturning Roe V Wade and much more.