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Skydiver Lands On The Wrong Building, Security Shows Up, But It’s What He Does Next Makes Him Go Viral [VIDEO]

This is amazing...

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John Marshall
2 months ago


2 months ago


Robert E. Altee
2 months ago

Yesterday, I met with six German friends who had seen and read various comments of known characters regarding the heartbreaking tragedy at Uvalde. They all wondered why so many people are so determined to mix politics with such tragedies. They all agreed that politicians who make political comments about human tragedies remind them so much of the communists. They all have lived the greater part of their lives under strict communism, and each one of them were able to smuggle their families out of communistic governments and renew their lives in what was then called West Germany. These men inadvertently met in Frankfurt, Germany, and began sort of a club of only six families. Four of these six men were engaged in low loevel government work in East Germany. They were forced to construct the famous Berlin Wall. It was simply help construct the wall quickly or be sent to prison for contempt of the government. The families of these six men are absolutely anti-communists. They can only wonder why the Democrats in the USA have turned into communists. They mention how Obama seems to advocate the communist rules and way of life. My opinion is that Obama was born into a communist believing family. He was raised by people who were known top be communists, he was brainwashed as a toddler to think communistic in every way. He was selected by the Democrats not because he was very intelligent, but because he was black and he was a communist. The Democrats had hopes of using Obama’s status as a black, raised as a child whose family was poor and communist, and he would attract citizens who were dissaatisfied with current Government leadership. The Democrats invested enormous sums of money to keep Obama in power, thereby allowing Obama to use corruption to gain hugh wealth. His communistic ideas were deeply implanted among many key Democrat leaders. He has now become full communist, inciting violence and division amongst races, religions, and political status. He has been clever enough to fool most of the black community, however, what does he really do for the black community. Obama is in many ways similar to Putin. He strives for wealth and power. The Democrat Party loves that, and they continuously support Obama and his communist ideas. The Democrats have all but put Joe Biden back on the think little, do little, and be little status. Biden and his entire family have thrived on corruption for a number of years, and they continue to do so. The Democrat Party loves to see that happen, as it deteriorates our Government and the ways our citizens live. I am sorry to say to my old friends that I am ashamed of the way the Democrats had almost destroyed our once-proud Nation that was the gleam of hope and prosperity for the world. We are now the laughing stock of the world, and quickly becoming a Nation of two types of citizens – the wealthy and the poor. There will soon be no more middle class in our society – thanks to the Democrats.

2 months ago

Most of we here know. That’s not the topic.

2 months ago

It is not a human, it is computer generated person, similar to a computer game. It is obvious. Gamers would be able to pick this up, i am sure!

2 months ago

Who was videoing?