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Texas Shooter Was An “INCEL” And Police ALLOWED Him to Kill As Many Kids As Possible!!! [VIDEO]

"The Uvalde Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos was an INCEL aka someone who is “involuntarily celibate” who was already known to police and who had been making violent threats against women online. Police were already aware of Ramos after being called over disputes with his family and the Uvalde police had an active AI program designed to detect this kind of online activity.

Despite knowing what they did and having the tools they have the Uvalde Texas Police made the decision to stand down while also ordering other agents of the state to do the same and stand down while the active shooter was still inside where kids were calling 911 from their deceased teacher's phone.

In this video, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth examines the LIHOP/MIHOP scenarios as being most likely as more and more evidence continues to come in that this was not necessarily an epic failure by the Texas police but instead it looks like things went pretty much exactly according to plan." - Dan Dicks

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Colin Fuller
8 months ago

Every cop there that day and did nothing for over an hour, should be fired immediately.

8 months ago

More proof you can’t depend on law enforcement. Teachers arm up!!;

Joe Archer
8 months ago

Exactly. Every govt eventually becomes totalitarian. Welcome to the late roman/american empire

Brett M Short
8 months ago

Red Voice is nothing but FAKE NEWS. Too mant amateur authors and phony “journalists” on this site.

8 months ago
Reply to  Brett M Short

Feel free to stop visiting then! =)

8 months ago

It looks more like those-police were there more to defend the shooter rather than the children!?!Not cowards but corrupted agents of the DeepState??