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Dems Pause January 6 Hearings to Start Insurrection at Arizona’s Capitol


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Fred LeMaster
1 month ago

Who Else, would it be, but either The US FBI and or The US CIA and their Abusive Volunteers = The Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive ANTIFA Groups, Who Were Caught By Someone’s Cell Phone Movie Camera Around 8 AM, Entering The US Capitol Building 1/6/2021 AD, Who Missy Nancy Pelosi Keeps Hidden From The Eyes Of We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA And Their Supposed Counterparts = The True Conservative Republican Party In Both Houses Of The US Congress! These Delusional Lefties Truly Don’t Give A Rats Arse About We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants of The USA, But Illegally Condone These Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Monsters Actions And Illegally Condone All Of The Illegal Foreign Alien Invasion, That Started On #44’s = Mr. Bathroom Barry Alias Barack Hussein Soetoro’s Alias Soebarkah’s Alias Dunham’s Alias Obama’s 1st Day As The Previous Illigitimate us president, WHO LOVES IGNORING = CIRCUMNAVIGATING = CIRCUMVENTING The US Constitution, Especially The Last Part = The 7/27/1993 AD US Immigration And Naturalization Act, WHICH IS ILLEGAL, THE EEENNNDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred LeMaster
1 month ago

Just Like That Other US FBI Vollunteer From Texas Mr. Epp’s, Who Ushered In All Of Those Peaceful Protesters Into The US Capitol Building On 1/6/2021 AD, After The DC Police Ushered In Those US FBI Volunteers = Those Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive ANTIFA Members on The Other Side Of The US Capitol, The Very Same Day, And The Day Before Their Were 2 Pipe Bombs Placed Right Outside Of Both The Democratic and Republican Congressional Buildings The Day Before, Where Missy Pelosi Kept Hidden From The Eyes Of Both The US Congress Members And We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants of The USA!!!!!!

Fred LeMaster
1 month ago

It’s Too Late To Start Crying All Of You Lefty Supporters, Like Little Tiny Babies, Concerning All Of Your (Well It Truly Was Never A Right To Break Your 6th And 7th Biblical Commandments), Where It Is A Sin IF Both Of You Married Male And Married Female To Go Some Where’s Else’s Home And Have Sexual Relations With Other Married Couples Males And Females, And Or A Single Male And A Single Female Were To Have Sexual Relations Before Getting Married, Which Is Called Adultry = Breaking The 7th Biblical Commandment, Then You Both Do NOT Want Have Or Care For That Little Tiny Embryo = Unborn Baby, That Thar Embryo = Baby, And NOT Have That Baby = Embryo KILLED/WASTED/MURDERED = ABORTED, Which Is Breaking The 6th Biblical Commandment, Then You All Will Never See The Face Of The One = Jesus Christ’s Face In Heaven, Who Sacrificed His Life For All Of Your SINS, But Be Stuck In That HOT Hole Called HELL, BURNING FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!!

monty corbett
1 month ago

Put a few in the ground and the rest will slither away like the vermin they are.