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Devastating COVID Response and Harmful Vaccines: Dr. Mike Yeadon Joins Dr. Paul Alexander [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Dr. Mike Yeadon speaks with Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, June 9, 2022

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9 months ago

In 2002 Dr Rima Laibow was in her medical practise in New York state, one of her patients was a royal head of state, & one day whilst visiting Dr Rima, she began to talk about the plan for “The great culling”, over the course of the conversation, this head of state explained that they – the neo aristocrats will remove the mercantile era & bring in a neo feudal technocratic system.
She went on to say that they plan to get rid of 90% of the worlds population. Dr Rima wanted to know who was behind all of this – the royal replied “Oh you mean the seven dwarves” – there are a group of seven men & they determine which countries rise & which fall, I do not know who they are, I don’t want to know, it’s not worth my life knowing”.