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Fuellmich Exposes Crimes Against Humanity, Vaxxed Mil Pilot Kills, Canadians March on Trudeau

Tuesday, June 13th, The Stew Peters Show brings you a new show that will have you ready to fight the Globalist Agenda like never before!

Reiner Fuellmich is a German Lawyer who has collected enough evidence to prosecute multiple nations for using COVID as a crime against humanity.

James Topp is determined to march across all of CANADA for the right to freedom! He joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss his journey and more!

A US Marine joins to tell The Stew Peters Show that the COVID vaccines could have responsibility for sudden Naval plane crashed.

Maria Zeee brings breaking news from Australia, where citizens are now being forced to take annual COVID clot shots & expose themselves to pedophile drag shows.

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16 days ago

Zyklon B was used to gas Jews, gypsies and others…Fauci is like Joseph Mengele. He should hang.

olde reb
15 days ago
Reply to  anticlotshot

Zyklon B was used to kill lice that ran rampant in the labor camps that also housed communists [that had running gun battles with German police in the streets], gays, mental cases, and common criminals. Each inmate class had a different color lapel marking.

Each time a gas chamber claim was debunked, the new location was moved further east.