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mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Targeting Children For Permanent Infertility & Depopulation – Health Ranger Report [VIDEO]

"This so-called vaccine, it is simultaneously an abortion shot. It's a euthanasia shot. It's a lobotomy. It causes neurological damage..."

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3 months ago

Too late, mandatory neutering should have been done decades ago. All these school shooters are a result of the father less participation generation. MAGA AGAIN!

3 months ago
Reply to  3Pawz

The CIA and FBI…look back in 1999 when school shootings started..over 100 witnesses saw two men in their 30’s throw a bomb on the roof of the school..where did the Hispanic liberal transgender get that expensive gun?? They want our guns so we cant defend ourselves..Obama can go to hell. Hes a satanist so he will be right at home.

3 months ago

Africans haven’t been brainwashed like Americans. They have low death rates from Covid because half of Africa is on Hydroxychloroquin for malaria & the other half is on ivermectin for parasites.