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The Bill Chill Exposed: Why Is There No Official Explanation Why All These Healthy Adults Are Suddenly Dying? [VIDEO]

Luke Rudkowski: "Some of these people suddenly dying are very healthy, exercise every single day, and they're just dropping like flies with many medical experts not having an official explanation. One of the reasons why they probably don't have an official explanation is because of the Bill Chill. The Bill Chill is, of course, a term referenced by many professionals in the medical industry [who] are prevented from criticizing anything that Bill Gates is invested in, because Bill Gates will cut the funding that he is heavily involved in in the entire medical industry if you criticize him."

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1 year ago

Gene therapy is administered by B°ill-Ch°ill unçįnatory k°illshøt therapists. aka the°RAPISTŞ. . . Click! 🐑💨💉

1 year ago

Officials are the sales staff for the mRNA gene modifier doses. Biden, Harris, Trump, Pence,
100% of Democrats, 66% of Republicans (nation wide), officials of local school boards, universities, hospitals, corporations, the Pentagon etc. etc. support the jabs from Hell. Their sales pitch is:
The Vaccines Are Safe! Vaccines Work! Take The Vaccines!
To admit that harm is forthcoming to the, gullible, victim from their cherished sales items would be heresy; and hurt the credibility of the sales staff. William Henry Gates, Klaus Schwab et al. members of the wealthy elite, favoring de-population of planet Earth, would be outraged.

And, if you refuse, to take the jabs, we will threaten you with the loss of something like: your job, discharge from the military, membership in a social organization. Name it. WE can take it away.

Officials are too corrupt and greedy to explain the truth of the matter. They long for recognition within the NWO.

Is it not strange that members of Congress, past politicians, and celebrities ‘have not reported’
even one adverse event (effect) from the mRNA gene modifier doses? Imagine That!
Could it be that they took a less harmful jab or even a placebo? Do you wonder too?

Nineteen Eighty Four is here; and now!