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Shots Fired With DeAnna Lorraine (Premium Plus)

Toxic Petroleum In BREASTMILK From mRNA Shots: Naomi Wolf Shares Gruesome Discoveries

Join DeAnna Lorraine on her new show Shots Fired! with DeAnna Lorraine with deep-dive interviews. First, with American Frontline Nurse, Nicole Sirotek who shares shocking hard data of the explosion of new cases of rare Cancers, AIDS, sudden deaths, heart attacks, deaths in babies, and more from the frontlines.

Then, Author and researcher from the Daily Clout Naomi Wolf joins us to share her in-depth analysis of the 18,000-page Pfizer "dump", and the gruesome crimes against humanity its white pages reveal. She highlights the damage the MRNA shots are causing women and babies, and the toxic poisons such as P.E.G. being fed to babies through breastmilk - all while doctors keep reassuring women that its "safe and effective for pregnancy." victims of January 6th - Jeremy Brown, former Special Forces who has been still sitting in jail for 8 months, and Geri Perna, aunt of Matthew Perna who tragically committed suicide while awaiting his sentencing. Must-watch and share interviews!