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2022 Will Be RIGGED By A “Paper Crisis”! Chaos Incoming! – Nick Moseder

You know, there's a reason why almost two years after the stolen 2020 election that I still continue to talk about election fraud and election integrity.

And the reason is because, for one, a lot of the issues that we're facing today would not be happening if it weren't for stolen elections. I mean, stolen elections have consequences. And if Biden wasn't illegitimately in the White House, we wouldn't be dealing with inflation and gas prices and food shortages and the border crisis. None of that would be happening if Trump, the duly elected president, were in the White House.

And the other reason I still continue to talk about it is because it hasn't been fixed. There's been almost no accountability. We still have the same voting machines. We still have mail-in voting, we still have ballot drop boxes.

And so those of us that have been fighting this globalist communist takeover, demanding election, integrity, and accountability for election fraud, still have a lot of work to do.

I mean, right now, as we speak, they're rigging the primaries. And if we're not careful, they're going to rig the midterms too.

There's not a single sane person in this country that truly believes Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp won their primaries in an epic landslide in Georgia after Trump, you know, called them out for doing absolutely nothing about the fraudulent election in 2020. Came down on them with the full weight of the MAGA movement. They were the most unpopular Republicans in the party and somehow won in a landslide...

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