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FIRST LOOK: Jaw Dropping Movie Trailer “These Little Ones”

Coming August 1st, from the producers of “Watch the Water”, the Stew Peters Network exclusively presents “These Little Ones”.

Millions of children vanish each year.

83,000 each month.

2,700 a day.

115 per hour.

1 every 30 seconds.

It makes you wonder…where do they all go?

Directors Matthew Miller Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer tackle the dark underworld of CPS sex trafficking, elite pedophilia, and the shady death of truth seeking icon Isaac Kappy.

Get notified when the documentary drops, text STEW to tel:(833) 495-3348

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3 months ago

We have a pedophile in the WH. Do we need more evidence? This is Biden’s America.

Lora Hyatt
3 months ago

So to watch this you have to join the Stew Peters Network? Not a good way to get the word out there mostly to the “woke”. They don’t even know who stew Peters is, but not only that , I know people are hurting for money right now like I am, ain’t no way I have an extra dollar I can squeeze out, gas and groceries have me in debt for the next few years
would of been great to see this.

3 months ago

I’d be helping another connected to you if I wasn’t busy with this precisely: no feeling quite like rescuing a girl.

That being said, your fight is the priority. Sending girls hone to Usa, Canada and Israel to be death jabbed – what exactly is my purpose?

These preventative actions are also worth more than fixing the situation, chazak v emat, strength and courage in your fights.

3 months ago

Yes, would like to see the movie, but can’t go the extra mile this month too join anything more. Giving and giving daily. So sorry. When it is free, please let me know.