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Kari Lake Goes Full ULTRA MAGA, Puts Election Thieves On Notice, There Will Be Hell To Pay

Does Kari have what it takes to be the first female president of the United States?

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2 months ago


2 months ago

I love this woman.

2 months ago

She supported Obama, known to have committed election fraud

Linda Brown
2 months ago
Reply to  doug1961

Whoa! Really? So is she one of those, making statements that we conservatives need to hear, yet planning to go full libtard once in office? Scary! We really need to do deep dive research on these people BEFORE we vote!

2 months ago
Reply to  Linda Brown

I supported Obama…did work for him…and even shook his hand…but now I am no longer a Democrat and left the party…right after the convention where they crowned crooked Hillary…when I realized it is a criminal syndicate. Just because she supported Obama (if that is true) does not mean that she would today…or has any leaning toward the Democrat party. I know that I don’t support them…and anyone with common sense would NOT support them. Keri Lake is awesome…she has Trump’s endorsement…and I believe she is intelligent and means what she says.

2 months ago
Reply to  doug1961

I’ve friends who were so sick of RINO bush, they voted for obama and regretted it soon after.

2 months ago
Reply to  MyNightmare

Many Republicans are RINO’S. We need to figure out who gets deep state $$$. Those are the false Republicans aka RINO’S funded by gee oh sore oz. WE NEED SERIOUS REPUBLICANS NOT TRAITORS in OFFICE – !!! When someone is elected as a Republican he or she MUST BE A REPUBLICAN. . .or We the People have the right to have them REMOVED from OFFICE immediately not after a term expires.

2 months ago
Reply to  doug1961

That was then, this is now. People wise up and realize they were played and get pissed off. She left a prestigious career of 20 years with FOX as the anchor after they stopped a live newscast that mentioned George Soros was paying rioters and were told not to cover it. She quit.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
2 months ago

AMEN TO THAT. . . 💫⚡️🕊⚡️💫

2 months ago

Awesome, confident, straight shooting, no BS woman!

Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M.
2 months ago

Dear Kari; I have visited your beautiful state, especially loved Flagstaff . I can tell by the demeanor of your voice you are not an average politician which is refreshing and it gives e myself hope here in Canada that sanity in government is still a possibility. I will visualize a white light around you for becoming Governor and making a huge difference, along with the Governor of Florida and others to extricate Mr. “Destructo” from the Whitehouse or at least prevent him harming N.America and the rest of the world further.

2 months ago

After Arizona was screwed by McCain, people were fed up. But when they put cardboard on the windows and pushed only the republican pole watchers outside, and you know the rest, the news stopped covering the fraud. Now she’s back, and everyone knows why. This ex-news anchor will put troops on the border.

2 months ago

Go Kari! We need more people like that lady all around the globe) Every person should get the benefit of the doubt just once… We all make mistakes.