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Kari Lake: She’s A Thief! Ducey-Endorsed Robson Duped Vulnerable Senior Citizens Out Of Money

Things in Arizona just got even HOTTER. Kari Lake just nuked RINO Karrin Taylor Robson...

Kari Lake: Karrin sent predatory texts claiming to raise money for Trump, Truth Social & the Wall…folks don’t even know they are donating to a pro-abortion RINO! Very unethical.

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2 months ago

I don’t trust either one of these candidates for Governor to be truly conservative, or to be truly factual. In fact, I don’t trust a single politician in the entire corrupt American political swamp. And I’m wondering how one woman donated $10 per month, totaling nearly $75?? Kari, all your “facts” need to add up.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jacla

Opps… but, she’s right to expose the fraud. She’s fighting back and found it. After all, McNasty McCain’s daughter and this other elite momma are the alternatives. One has to play the odds. She has sources to inform her. The others don’t work that way.

2 months ago

Judge fines Trump $2 million for misusing charity foundation
Nov 8, 2019 – A judge Thursday ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to an array of charities as a fine for misusing his own charitable foundation to further his political and business interests. New York state Judge Saliann Scarpulla imposed the penalty after the president admitted … Here are the charities that President Donald Trump ripped off:
1. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
2. City meals-on-Wheels
3. The Army Emergency Relief
4.The Children’s Aid Society
5. The United Negro College Fund
6. Give an Hour
7. Martha’s Table
8. The United Way of National Capital Area

2 months ago

Judge approves $25 million settlement of Trump University lawsuit
The decision by US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel in San Diego ends nearly seven years of legal battles
A judge has approved an agreement for President Donald Trump to pay $25 million (£19.9m) to settle lawsuits over his now-defunct Trump University. Mr Trump had vowed never to settle but said after the election that he didn’t have time for a trial, Attorneys for former customers have said their clients will get at least 90 per cent of their money back, based on the roughly 3,730 claims submitted. Mr Trump has reluctant to openly criticize their teachers on surveys that were not anonymous.  To be a part of Trump University you had to pay at least $1,495 but some victims paid as much as $10,000 or $35,000 for the more expense classes.
2-7-2018… A federal appeals court ruled that the $25 million settlement to resolve the lawsuits claiming Trump University was a fraud would stand. The president was sued, because he offered people an opportunity for big bucks to study under Trump and learn how to make millions in real estate. The so-called university was not accredited, and Trump never showed. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A FRAUD and it has been PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW

2 months ago

Court Upholds $300,000 Fine After Trump Refuses to Pay Miami Paint Store THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017
Donald Trump is so rich. Big-league (bigly?) wealthy. So wonderfully wealthy that he apparently owes a Miami paint store $300,000 for work at his Trump National Doral Miami resort. So wealthy he’s been fighting not to pay that $300,000 since last year. So wealthy that his lawyers officially lost an appeal yesterday and now he’s gotta pay that $300,000 or try to appeal all the way to the Florida Supreme Court. Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto handed down the judgement in favor of the Paint Shop in Doral County, which was contracted by the Trump National Golf Course for a $200,000 renovation job. Once completed, Trump National decided it had paid enough and reneged on their obligations, spitefully holding out on the last payment of $34,863. Trump’s cheapness and dishonesty is costing him another $80,000 more than if he had just paid up in the first place.

2 months ago

We need Ducey investigated along with Robson to see if he was part of this elder abuse. What did he know and when did he know it?

2 months ago

We need new faces in Arizona, after rino McCain was executed, we got docile and the media was all in. KSAZ-TV (FOX NEWS) had Kari Lake for 22 years, she quit and said journalism has gone in a new direction and she wasn’t going to be a part of it. Although this blurb has it’s flaws, the stand to fight back is better than what we have seen. The border should have been closed even if Americans have to fund it privately.
We’re under attack from big pharma and the world bank, we must resist, this is the hill to fight on.