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Michelle Obama’s Secret Plan For Power: Relatives, Teachers & Old Boyfriends Reveal REAL Life Story – Stew Peters Premium

We haven’t seen much of the Obamas since Barack left office five and a half years ago. Instead of running the Democratic Party, it seems like
they were content to just cash in with memoirs and Netflix deals.

But the Obamas aren’t that old, and with the Democratic Party in total disarray, they could come back. Barack is ineligible to run for President
again, but he could easily walk into a Senate seat if he wanted one. And how about Michelle? She was a keynote speaker for the 2020 DNC. She’s only 58 years old. She absolutely could run for President, and wipe the floor with every candidate the Democrats
have right now.

For this week's Stew Peters Premium episode, we are joined by Joel Gilbert, author of the brand new book "Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power."

He’s also the director of a new documentary on the same theme, also titled Michelle Obama 2024.

Gilbert has spent an entire year researching Michelle Obama’s life and interviewing many people close to her: Relatives, teachers, professors,
even old boyfriends. He’s found her real life story: Not the fake one told by the fake press, but the genuine truth.

In his book, Joel deconstructs Michelle’s claim that she hates politics, and exposes the raw hunger for power that lurks beneath it. According
to Gilbert, Michelle has been planning her own presidential run ever since 2016, using the exact same formula that Barack did before her: Write an autobiography, speak at the DNC, head up a voter registration organization, and then dominate the primaries with a superior organization and fawning media coverage. But there will be one big difference: A Michelle Obama presidency will be far darker and more chaotic than her husband’s ever was.