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New Pfizer Commercial Just Drooped – I Can’t Breathe, I’m Dead [VIDEO]

This may be the most accurate thing you've ever seen...

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17 days ago

What’s with all the videos that you can’t un-mute? Mostly all Stew Peters

17 days ago
Reply to  ReBu

I’ve never had this issue.

17 days ago
Reply to  ReBu

Tap on the video and touch on the volume and slide the volume up unmutes it.

17 days ago
Reply to  Steve

I wish that worked for me.

16 days ago
Reply to  Steve

No. Nothing I try works. My media volume is turned up as loud as it will go. The un-mute button does nothing. The “/” across the speaker icon does not change. Even the recent videos at the bottom of this page the sound doesn’t work. I don’t have this problem with all RVM videos, just some. And I’ve noticed it happening alot over the last few months. It really is annoying. I get a case of FOMO when I can’t hear what everyone else gets to hear. LoL

paul hayward
15 days ago
Reply to  ReBu

I have observed that coincidence can involve considerable planning.

Old Goat
17 days ago

In common, the shots

17 days ago

Sure would like to hear this one.

17 days ago
Reply to  GARedbeard

See reply above

17 days ago

More truth than fiction yet the vermin continues to push the worthless dangerous shot

Ernest Cooper
17 days ago

Well, looks like taking that ‘Shot’ is a real killer!

Nicoletta Maspoli
17 days ago

turn off the antivirus, they cenures even scientific medical files (hi from Europe same shit here, same propaganda, they are full o lies, thank to indipendent true journals!)

16 days ago

Just think it only took 13 people to die during the SARs testing in the early 90s to shutdown those tests and vaccine.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
16 days ago

Fie Sirs: They DRØP and we DROOP–if foolish enough to have actually taken despised darkn€st Phįzerrrrrrz nasty cøn°fected KĮLLSHØT wįtchy unçinatory goop soup. . . Euuuuu’n Pfffft! 🐑💨

C Fuller
16 days ago

Absolutely staggering, one add says Dr’s are mystified by the sudden deaths that are taking place all over the world. Why on earth are they mystified? I can tell you why they are dying everywhere, It’s called the covid jab. Time for these criminal doctors to wake up.

Parsefal Vale
14 days ago
Reply to  C Fuller

Perhaps they will only wake up in an orange jump suit.