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President Donald Trump Rally Live In Prescott Valley, AZ

Via RSBN -

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4 months ago

Love it! President Trump tells the truth! This rogue administration led by Obama and using Biden to take the blame for the destruction of our country…the release of the monkey pox with a emergency response from the’s August, the luciferians have to create more distractions. They are suing Arizona because they want illegal aliens voting Democrat. The cheating has already begun. With rinos such as Cheney, Kinzinger, Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Cornyn and Graham plus the fake Mitch O’Connell, the Republicans can’t assume anything. Winning the midterms with Dominion machines and outside ballot boxes will be difficult. Red states need extra awareness and a plan to alleviate all aspects. Prepare for cheating. They have come too far to lose control now. However, the country is severely divided because of Obama and his evil crew of Pelosi, Schiff, Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, the FBI and Big evil Tech. I never realized how many nazis were in our country and government and Hollywood. They’ve convinced people that Christians are bad and are the nazis. Democracy is a word thrown out by them that Republicans want to destroy..their dictatorship in the form of their Democracy. Ha! We have a constitution and they don’t care. They are mass murderers…all for money and power with our money. Inflation will get worse. The first thing a country does in a transition to Communism/ totalitarianism is to open borders, and spend the money to bankrupt the country. Ukraine is their money laundering, bioweapons country..a country and President they placed in office. Sending Ukraine billions is for them..sending weapons that end up on the black market and in money in their pockets. We have a military that wants Communism and depopulation as well. Obama starting reducing the military in 2010..specifically, Majors. I was the test specialist on a special ops air force base in Florida and as they were being tossed out, they took their FAA tests I administered to become commercial pilots. Obama doesnt want a military..the NWO by these criminals is based on the fake climate change they’ve pushed for years. They will make businesses- small and large-be built with climate change upgrades to their agenda..which will cost a fortune. It’s just a way to get rid of the middle class and Christians. Starvation and control of our money via climate upgrades and vaccines are next..if we do what they say, we can buy bug food. I wonder if all the elites directly involved in the lies to the people took the jabs they gave to others..especially if the jabs kill the heavily vaccinated when getting Omicron.
We have to protect our elections my fear is the midterms will be cancelled and Obama via Susan Rice will use their executive order to take over the country. They can do it with enough votes. How many Republicans will vote with them..and win? I’m scared and I’m just this one person, but I’m willing to fight for our freedoms. There has to be a plan to truly stand up to this evil. God Bless America and President Trump and all the Christians who are fighting this evil.