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Wild Teen Fights Break Out At California Amusement Park, Causing It To Shutdown [COMPILATION VIDEO]

This isn't an age problem, it's a parenting problem.

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

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10 months ago

i bet all their parents are proud.

Yo MaMa
10 months ago
Reply to  cheryl

Parents? You mean Sperm and Egg donors…

10 months ago

One comment? I think not.

10 months ago

Looks like an inner city gang problem to me, I have never seen this many gang members at Knott’s and look at the video from a policeman who wrote to them after gang violence broke out before this happened. They did nothing, put visitors at risk and told him to call 911 if this ever happened again. Shame on Knott’s for putting money before safety.

10 months ago

Looks like a dog fight I had to break up a couple weeks ago. These offspring are acting like a bunch of mangy cures.

10 months ago

“This isn’t an age problem, it’s a parenting problem.”

If you can’t even identify THE PROBLEM there is no way you’ll EVER find a solution.

It’s not a “parenting problem.”



THIS is the current culture you get when European descendants no longer make up 85% of the population.

When there is a return to that 85% then you’ll see violent crime drop 90%.

Until then, you’re “running around in circles.”

If this makes me a “White Nationalist” or “White Supremacist” in someone’s Marxist indoctrinated eyes, I really don’t give a damn, Scarlett.

I have NO issue with other races and cultures. It’s all about percentages. 15% (or less) non-White sounds about right. Then we’ll have Knotts Berry Farm back to what it was in the Sixties (with free admission).

10 months ago

I don’t think, that it is a race problem! Today on monday I went shopping. Monday is the most calm day for shopping, but shops were crowded and people weren’t relaxed, they had somehow an aggressive vibration, I felt it. With all the lockdowns and all restrictions especially young people get angry! Because they didn’t have the opportunity to get their youth energy out!
And if the number of European people is shrinking its more about not to have many children!

merilee cameron
10 months ago

Hey Stew, as you are unafraid to delve into unbelievable and controversial subjects on a regular basis, I was wondering if you had heard anything about bio-acoustic manipulation leading to out of control aggression. Before everyone trashes parents look a little deeper into what could be causing this, since we have really not seen this type of behavior on such a large scale in this country in the last 60 years.