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BREAKING: Court Order Reveals Pfizer Trial KILLED 44% of Babies, Power Grid BLACKOUT Incoming

Today on The Stew Peters Show, President of Kansas for Health Freedom, Connie Newcome, joins the show to her, and FireFly Front is reaching thousands with their truth bomb billboards, exposing the vaccines. Texas Senator Bob Hall joins to expose how 90% of the American population would collapse from an attack on our power grids, and how the Federal government is the enemy of we the people!

Fauci is performing experiments on animals using aborted fetal parts, and PCR tests are used to clone humans!

Dr. Ariyana Love joins us today to show us the proof behind the demonic experiments.

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1 month ago

good thing guns dont need electricity to fire. 😉

1 month ago

So does anybody bother to ask the question… if China is our biggest threat… then why do we continue to enrich them by buying our pharmaceuticals and just about everything else from them… We may as well give the burglar the gun to rob our home with…

1 month ago
Reply to  NMX

Because 80 percent of pharmaceuticals are made in China. The globalists have farmed out most manufacturing to China.

1 month ago

Trump got the 5G thrown up in a nanosecond… got the jabs out at warped speed but just couldn’t protect our grid in the 4 years he had in the top seat in the country… give me a break… Great at flapping his gums but never got anything done but what the Davos crowd wanted… he was good at that

1 month ago

So, what is the psychological/emotional reason, underlying VAIDS-Denier’s refusal, to admit that they could have waited, before deciding, to get GMO-shot? Because, until we understand the psychology, behind VAIDS-Denial, We continue to struggle, to enlighten them.

1 month ago

With no power grid for a year it has been estimated there will be a 90 percent die off. I think the fifty percent die off Stew predicted is way too optimistic.

1 month ago

Must be Rothschild/globalist controlled power companies who are opposing hardening power grid.