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Dr. Jane Ruby: FDA Cuts Monkeypox Shots To 1/5, NYC Monkeypox Fun Summer

It’s an emergency….NOT! Dr Jane reveals the dangerous decisions of the FDA, the former federal agency now in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA is changing the route of injecting Monkeypox shots that are really smallpox tested shots, resulting in diluting the doses of smallpox vaccines to 1/5 of what the companies tested in their human trials…they say it’s to make the nation’s supply stretch, as Biden is committing billions of your tax dollars to build a stockpile, for a self-limiting pox illness, diagnosed with the fake PCR test, an illness that is really Covid 19 Shot induced shingles, a condition with zero deaths; and then…behold New York City’s Ministry of Propaganda, or rather Health, is using all the classic fearmongering tactics that brought us the Covid 19 scam and the show wraps with a clean food expert to talk change…change in health & change in habits. This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

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1 month ago

This probably won’t be allowed to be posted. Everything I have said on this topic has been deleted or marked as spam. But I will try one more time.

I’ve said consistently since the beginning in May that this was not about whatever the gay men initially, truly had, but about having a willing cohort to reintroduce the most dangerous vaccine, Vaccinia, back into wide circulation.

Dr. Jane, I love you. Please use that incredible mi d of yours to make one small step. You know that Monkey Pox narrative is a coverstory. And here you report that they are so dead set on getting Vaccinia into as many arms as possible that they are diluting it, swaping the the media, from fat to water, and changing the administration to a less effective and more risky option in terms of efficacy and side effects. However, if the goal is shedding, which it is, this is perfect.

Back in the 90s when I was learning virology, immunology, vaccine theory and epidemiology as an oestological anthropologist with a focus on disease in antiquity, and a particular interest in Smallpox, it was stressed that sub cutaneous, intra muscular injection was critical, because orthopoxes thrive in the dermis, it is superficial skin breach was their 2nd most favored pathway, with throat and mucous membrane breach as their most favored. They, according to 200 years of theory and practice, did not replicate as well in the muscle, which is why people just didn’t get full on Smallpox when vaccinated, but got a much less severe infection followed by life long immunity. Also, infection close to the skin surface was even more contagious to people around you.

You see right? The goal is a leaky vaccination campaign. That they are going this route, indicates not enough incidental contagion from the first Vaccinia shots. My views on vaccines, viruses, and Smallpox have evolved profoundly since the 1990s, but regardless, Vaccinia given right into the skin is insanity, even if the worst doesn’t come to pass. I don’t stick my hand in a churning disposal or open flames either, even though I can’t prove it will def be a disaster.

I can show you my Disqus, you can see how it has been censored. What do they say? You know you’re right by what you aren’t allowed to talk about….people need to be warned about the non-speculative, well established dangers in Vaccinia vaccination.

Induration is skin hardening, it is caused by the Vaccinia killing the skin. Venom causes induration as well.