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Dr. Jane Ruby: FDA Cuts Monkeypox Shots To 1/5, NYC Monkeypox Fun Summer

It’s an emergency….NOT! Dr Jane reveals the dangerous decisions of the FDA, the former federal agency now in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA is changing the route of injecting Monkeypox shots that are really smallpox tested shots, resulting in diluting the doses of smallpox vaccines to 1/5 of what the companies tested in their human trials…they say it’s to make the nation’s supply stretch, as Biden is committing billions of your tax dollars to build a stockpile, for a self-limiting pox illness, diagnosed with the fake PCR test, an illness that is really Covid 19 Shot induced shingles, a condition with zero deaths; and then…behold New York City’s Ministry of Propaganda, or rather Health, is using all the classic fearmongering tactics that brought us the Covid 19 scam and the show wraps with a clean food expert to talk change…change in health & change in habits. This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

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