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Dr. Jane Ruby Show: ACAM 2000 Is LIVE Virus That Will Start Smallpox Pandemic

Dr. Jane Ruby breaks the story of ACAM 2000, the 2nd shot for the fake Monkeypox outbreak, an unprecedented use of a live, unattenuated dangerous smallpox virus that will cause smallpox infections in the jabbed and those around them, alive for at least 6 weeks after a very complex 15 jab administration procedure…deadly to fetuses, breastfeeding babies, and the immunocompromised. Aready slapped with a “blackbox warning,” the FDA’s highest level of danger in the package insert, ACAM 2000 has already been labeled as the cause of huge numbers of myocarditis, fetal death and blindness. And former commercial airline captain, inventor, author, and chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Stillwagon joins Dr. Jane to sort it all out for you. This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

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1 month ago

Thank you so much Dr. Jane!!!! I’m so glad someone is finally raising the alarm about the dangers of Vaccinia. I know that Jynneous claims it is attenuated, but the package insert and the CDC report from 2019 don’t suggest there is any justification for this claim. They did not even check breastmilk. Also, the CDC report showed it was not suitable for HIV positive people as it made their HIV worse. Jynneous CEO wrote to Biden Admin and said NOT to use the directly into skin administration, because there is no data on safety at all, and it has many bad side effects. But Biden et al ignored them. Many men who have been vaccinated with it since may have had bad side effects,, and a large percent could not receive their 2nd dose,, which is the real reason they reduced the amount per shot. Their accounts are all over twitter and even local news here is SoFla has had reports and interviews. A company claiming that something is attenuated and won’t replicate or shed is easy, it actually being true is another thing entirely. According to WHO, anyone who takes Jynneous should know they are part of an ongoing experiment. I have come to believe that what we call viruses are anything we have not found a cause for, but for which we have consistent clinical evidence, which in no way means the virus claimed is real, just that the clinical presentation is. FWIW the micrographs of viruses are as unreliable as NASA photos, such as the one recently of a supposed blackhole that was really a telescopic artifact. I think the various viruses are the equivalent of dark energy, dark matter, and black hole concepts in physics, false explanatory ideas unable to be rejected now due to how crucial their false cosmology has become to the area of study. Regarding people who claim to create or enhance viruses, conveniently, no independent checks of this are available as it is all classified and arcane. If they made C19, and C19 is real, it is really a crappy bioweapon virus, I mean it took hospitals to murder and starve 10s of thousands of people in order for it to really have an impact. However, it is easy to I just poison into people and poison them, the bioweapon injection has been much more successful that whatever overblown cold C19 was. What we are good at is chemistry and true engineering. Real world physical stuff. pretty much every other field is at least 50% lies, virology is closer to 100%, as is genetics. These are the holy trinity of the post Truth world,, and they all took hold at the same time.. Physics is coming round, though, and in ten years, we will have done away with the nonsense created solely to try to get the math to balance, which it never will if you focus on gravity and not electromagnetism. But physicists are actually very smart, virologists are just pharma reps. Thanks again, look into Sarracenia Purperea extract, Operation Dark Winter Redux has been going g since May, expect widespread Vaccinia induced Smallpox by October, let people know about Sarracenia Purperea. It works. One last thing, Smallpox vaccination never prevented Smallpox in the vaccinated. There is a short account from a letter to the editor of Nature in 2002 I believe from a retired Navy doc who detail his own experience. Also, 19th Century studies claimed only that it kept people from dieing, not from catching it, but of course also reported deaths (very much like the current narrative). I was trained 8n 1990s that in an epidemic with high ambient disease load, you would need to revamp yearly. The Navy doc was relaxing weekly to no avail. Smallpox vaccination stopped a few years before my birth, but I will not get Vaccinia regardless, but yours from childhood may help you. You already have it, so it can’t hurt you.