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Stew Peters Show: EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE – Assembling Circuits in Covid Vaxx, CPS BUSTED for Prostituting Children (FULL SHOW)

Dr. Jane Ruby Joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the Monkeypox madness and the SHAM maps showing "highly infected" areas being weaponized as fear porn.

Big Pharma has already prepared a mass rollout of new bioweapon shots to address this new "Pandemic" that is potentially just a disease spread through sexual degeneracy- There have also been zero deaths due to Monkeypox in this most recent "outbreak".
Stew Peters also addresses the poor dog who contracted Monkeypox from his gay owners.

It is undetermined if the dog contracted Monkeypox through sexual intercourse with his gay owners, although that is the most likely scenario since this disease is sexually transmittable.

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1 month ago

Stew! What gives?? Your program was interrupted likely a dozen or more times today, 8.15.22 with ads for Premium…and I AM a Premium member! This was NOT a good idea! It was obnoxious! Please have the people responsible for this cut it out!

1 month ago

Poor dog got the hot dog?
Or it licked the gay men, if you believe in contagion at all. Bet the dog got the covid vaxxine and suffers from wifi exposure and got the pox from that chemical poisoning. Gays do the most drugs – either for hiv or poppers or amyl nitrate or… so they have the worst immune systems. Plus a lot of them are not happy campers, which also lowers immune response. Bit sad? here take more drugs!