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Huge! Democrats Using Massive Social Media ‘Bot Farms’ To Groom Public Perception! – Nick Moseder [VIDEO]

Hey, what's up, ladies and gentlemen? Here at Red Voice Media, I've got another premium exclusive for you guys. And I want to thank you for your support. Now, I hope that you guys watched my video last week because today is going to be a continuation of what we talked about a week ago. We covered the long fuse report last week, which was basically the deep state telling on themselves.

Last week's Premium segment: Twitter Announces Steps To “Protect” Midterms! Colludes W/ Government To Silence Conservatives in 2022! – Nick Moseder:

Want to know why Twitter utilizes bot farms to control the narrative? Watch this video. Want to know why it’s so important to speak out against the “official narrative”? Also, watch this video:

The above video describes a phenomenon that happens when a collective group of people all subscribe to a single idea. People will conform to ideas that they intuitively feel are false because they feel significant pressure from the collective. The herd mentality clouds their judgment.

Do you believe that this phenomenon happens exclusively on the left, or do you believe this happens on both sides of the aisle?

If this phenomenon can happen with something as simple as the length of lines, if people are that easily manipulated, imagine what happens when they’re called a “racist, a bigot, a domestic terrorist” for going against the grain.

…Crazy, right?

Okay, now what if anytime someone disagrees with the narrative, they get banged up on and called a “doomer, black piller, shill, troll, etc.”

See how that works?

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