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Jury Reaches Verdict In Alex Jones Sandy Hook Case – Owen Shroyer Goes Off [VIDEO]

Another sham show trial under the illegitimate Biden Regime

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4 days ago

Looks like AJ’s retirement went through.

Jackie Babcock
4 days ago

What exactly did this guy do? The 1st amendment just went out the window. WOW

Itsy Bitsy
4 days ago
Reply to  Jackie Babcock

Thorny problem. The right to free speech doesn’t include the right to freedom from consequences of what you say. If somebody damages your reputation with lies then you have the right to seek damages: and I’m sure we wouldn’t want things any other way. The lying main stream press ought to be held to account for the harm they are causing, but sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, I’m afraid.

I believe Jones was accused of stating the events were fake and victims were crisis actors. If not true then that statement hurts the reputation and material prospects of innocent people. The court clearly determined that he couldn’t support every exact word and that somebody thereby got hurt. That isn’t the same as deciding SH wasn’t a false flag, but it will be spun that way of course.

The problem for Jones is that libel law favours the plaintiff, which is why journalists have to be absolutely meticulous. The bulk of what he said could be true but one slip up where he says something he can’t prove beyond reasonable doubt could be considered defamatory.

4 days ago

Wake up people time to eradicate the cockroach democrat scum of the earth.

4 days ago

The corrupt courts are the problem.

4 days ago

No more first ammendment people! Even if this guy got it wrong, there was no damage to these people!!! What the heck!???

4 days ago

Alex Jones and his “SANDY COOK HOAX” law suite.

  • This is a multi forum post.

Okay, so now on 3 4 different boards – I’ve been “challenged” that Alex should NOT be sued, he is a “hero” – “Tells it like it is…” and so on.

Okay, why?

He spread some news that was 110% FALSE and yes it hurt the parents who lost their chidlren to Alex’s hoax claim.

Ponder (God forbid) a death of your child and the MSM called it a “HOAX”. Just ponder that for 30 seconds – take longer if you need to.

  • So do we have a double standard??

Do not sue Alex Jones for using his News Platform for pushing a false hood.

But it’s okay to sue:
When they use their platform to push false hoods (Hoax / Lies) about / towards someone we respect:

  • Nick Sandmann and CNN ….
  • Kyle Rittenhouse ….
  • and others ….

So why is it okay for our side sue .. but ….. seems our side should not be sued for the same things?

Ms Deb
4 days ago

What BS

Itsy Bitsy
4 days ago

Please put a time scale on the bottom of these videos. Otherwise with limited time and a huge amount of content to scan I can’t plan to watch, I have to keep moving along.

Josiah Rise
4 days ago

Maybe mega-dollar Joe Rogan will come to the rescue in the name of free speech.

Scott Kinghorn
4 days ago

Can Alex appeal this in another jurisdiction?

3 days ago

Welcome to another communist show trial.