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Maria Zeee: Dr. Victory – Overwhelming Evidence of Global Depopulation

Expert in pandemic responses Dr. Kelly Victory joins Maria Zeee to discuss the overwhelming evidence staring us in the face - the public health response is clearly about global depopulation and the New World Order, and people need to realise before it's too late.

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1 month ago

Dr. Kelly is indicating that normally, antigens are formed against the total virus, which will naturally include its mutated variants.
Dr. Michael Yeadon said that when you get vaccinated against a virus, it automatically protects you against variants, which account for 2-3% of all changes which the virus makes.
MY QUESTION FOR DR. KELLY IS : “Are you in favor of mandates=orders=forced vaccinations?”

1 month ago

To the Doctors who are still pushing the Eugenics DEATH-SHOTS, falsely renamed and marketed as COVID “Vaccines”. People, historically, take vaccines willingly, without asking questions. Unfortunately for their DEPOPULATION PLAN, people are way smarter than expected, and are exposing the sinister Eugenics plot and are refusing the jab.
—> So they are dropping back to plan “B”. Notice that they are trying the exact same subterfuge that they used with COVID, by rolling out another disease called Monkeypox. As with COVID, to get people to take the Bioweapon, they deliberately misnamed it, the Monkeypox Vaccine. But, the people are not buying into the Monkeypox fraud, either, so switching to plan “C” has already announced. They plan to use Climate-Change-Fear-Mongering to leverage measures that will kill many more.
—> You don’t have much time, there is still a window of opportunity to chose one of your ONLY TWO remaining options, but that window is closing rapidly. The World is preparing for NUREMBERG 2.0
—> You can 1) Become a Whistle-Blower and testify as a witness for the prosecution, or 2) Become one of the NUREMBERG 2.0 co-defendants and be tried for your crimes against Humanity.

1 month ago

WTF with these [email protected]%&king long assed introductions? HEY F-U

1 month ago

Where’s the progress bar? What’s going on here?

1 month ago

There is no such thing as a virus … They are created by man, and patented …
They work off of normal every day germs and bacteria, and do things unGodly,
just to make money and keep the population under control …

Every single one in history was created and patented … We need to STOP
playing around, and do what needs to be done …

Or, face extinction …

1 month ago
Reply to  IMJustice

A virus is what are excreted by our blood cells, tiny little turds the body eliminates, stop spreading misinformation, check your sources for hype and facts.

1 month ago

Hi Maria, At about the 18 minute mark Dr. Victory comments that she is not anti vax (in general) and believes most vaccines before C19 were beneficial. I recall reading that since the lock downs of 20/21 many mothers missed getting the kids in for their shots per the ‘recommended’ schedule put out by the CDC. It so happens (and I apologize for not saving the link) that the incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) essentially went to zero in this time. Then there is the rise of cases of autism in the US. As the number of ‘recommended’ injections went up over the last 7 decades (I believe number is up to 79 or so now, some delivered in one shot but being multiple vaccines/boosters), autism went from rare to common with an increasing trend occurrence. Notably the Amish, who don’t vaccinate, are not seeing an increase in autism.

Dr. Victory appears to be wedded to the theory of vaccines and is either unaware or ignoring the real world evidence that risk is far exceeding any potential benefit.

Things we know for sure that just aren’t so are very dangerous.

1 month ago

R doctors aware of what their fate will be if they don’t start speaking out and joining the growing numbers who are? Their fate is going to be far worse than AHPRA and it’s threats. Those that don’t refuse to deliver all vaccines will be struck off and jailed alongside their political masters

1 month ago

My doctor in Strathpine Brisbane dr Randolf Taylan put his head down and refused to comment when I showed him the reaction to shedding from the vaccinated I encounter daily. He refused to speak on the topic so I am naming him for his crime and breaching his oath. We should all be naming them that will begin to motivate them to join the fight against harming people

1 month ago

Sorry but so many vaccines have non compatible ingredients for human consumption. I don’t want baby fetus in my body or my childrens. That’s a form of cannibalism Thermosol and femeldahyde isn’t my gig either thanks. Nor is Australia’s 30 vaccines from birth to 18 either We don’t need the current marketed vaccines made by the pharma cabal

1 month ago

Nothing can be trusted as safe medicine made by pharma. Never. Being in the herbal pharma generation where they use both with safe effective ingredients We r so far behind in medicine due to these criminals withholding cures