Maria Zeee

Maria Zeee: Australian Lockdown Tyranny Plan to Split Country Into ‘Hunger Games Districts’ Exposed as Model for Global Takeover

Maria Zeee of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the Australian lockdown model to split the country into 'Hunger Games' districts being used as a model for global tyranny.

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7 months ago

People should start wearing Full facial masks as they go into any public place to be “Covid” compliant and eliminate facial recognition,
totally legal and ” break” the system.. simple task, Great thought…just say’n

7 months ago

and a Whole Lot of Fun doing it!!!

7 months ago

Batman, Ghost, Jason…what ever…F with them as fun as we can..So Compliant…especially with sun not want “Covid” coming through your eyes..!!!

7 months ago

cut hole in covid full face mask for breathin’ and its a winner!

Lyudmila Loseva
7 months ago

“No one will give us deliverance: neither God, nor the king, nor the hero. We will achieve liberation with our own hand” / Anthem of France – International /

7 months ago

If you consider every initiative pioneered in Australia ongoing for decades, e.g. Compulsory Seat belts pioneered in Australia, Random Breath Tests ignoring probable cause, mandatory vaccines for new borns, universal fluoridation etc etc, you can only come to one conclusion that this has been planned for decades.

7 months ago
Reply to  tom

And all these decades, with some people warning, they still are, ti idiots. Because we still warn. Humanity deserves what it asks for. Simple as that and currently it BEGS for being remodeled into some creature. Hey, it’s cool running around chipped and know everything (you have to know and nothing more).
This species will write universe history for eliminating themselves. It’s called intelligence, I believe, once I’d been told 😉

Lisel Sipes
7 months ago

That is what happens when the bad guys get guns-and take yours. Sheep to the slaughter!

7 months ago

No no and no again.
The moment the Australian tyranny camp is putting a little pressure onto …(I have no word for them), THAT very moment, every (thinking) free running chicken will comply!

HEAR MY WORDS as you may remember them in the coming months, not so far away.

You may call me negative, no problem. I am used to it since many many years but ask yourself: Look around yourselves, where we’d landed and where we’re been taken! AM I still negative?

They have chosen Australia for ONE reason and that’s it. ONE REASON only!

Can you make it out?

Look at Australia’s society and how its landscape has changed the past two decades, specifically! You may call me a racist now, too and again, I don’t care because you’ll all find out yourselves, when it is all too late.

I could go on and on but what’s the point, really?!

People hear what they want to hear and the rest is all negative, conspiracy, idiocy.

One last thought, though.

WHY? Why has China been so successful in implementing their digital credit tyranny?
I be you never guess because nobody looks beyond. They only barely see what’s in front of the curtain.
And for that very reason, Australia was chosen. You may well call it next to kind.

5 months ago

I have a Sydneysider acquaintance who disputes the claim made by Maria Zeee states it is propaganda and although as a true United States Patriot I find all Democratic Monarchies the last vestige of imperialism and something that should quickly decay and that the Westminster political system to be seriously screwed up considering that after the people elect the PM it requires that either they voluntarily retire, or that those of the controlling party within parliament vote them out of office.

Adopting the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are based is the rational thing for Australia and Australians to do, my acquaintance clearly is not rational and believes the Aussie Constitution works just fine then has the audacity to try to get me to doubt my sanity.

1 month ago

Who knew we had a pocket rocket like Maria Zeee sitting right on our doorstep here in Australia? Maria is the kind of resistance we so desperately need to cope with the well planned, highly rehearsed enemy counting on destroying every decent thing we have ever inherited. We know from history, if we do not take care to preserve our inheritance, we will lose it. We need an army lead by generals with Maria’s zeal, to combat and defeat this enemy. That means many of us must immediately stop watching this play out as if we were spectators. It is time NOW to act and get into the fray and uncompromisingly win this battle by identifying and destroying every one of our enemies! Thanks Alex for giving Maria your valuable platform to expose in fiery detail the truth we never otherwise would have heard from the complicit, paid to lie, Mainstream media and its social media platform allies.